Why was Uche not at the Love is Blind season 5 reunion?

Love is Blind season 5 - Uche
Love is Blind season 5 - Uche /

Netflix released the final episode of Love is Blind season 5 last week, followed by airing the reunion last night. Of course there was one noticeable missing person from the reunion, Uche. We share what Nick Lachey said about Uche not being there along with a quote from the man himself about his whereabouts.

Love is Blind season 5 was a wild one where we followed only three couples to Mexico. When the couple left the paradise vacation, it dwindled to just Milton/Lydia and Stacy/Izzy after Taylor broke it off with JP. This didn’t mean the season was any short on drama, though, because we had a wild battle amongst this cast.

Who was at the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion?

Milton, Lydia, Stacy, Izzy, Johnie, Chris, JP, Taylor and Aaliyah. We found out quite a bit about the cast during the episode.

  • Milton and Lydia are still happily married, including having another ceremony in Puerto Rico.
  • Stacy and Izzy didn’t talk for an extended period after filming.
  • Chris and Johnie were dating, but he started dating another girl while still dating Johnie.
  • JP and Taylor hadn’t spoken after leaving Mexico.
  • Aaliyah confirmed that she and Uche did date after filming, but it didn’t work out.
  • Izzy, Chris, JP, Taylor, and Aaliyah are all in a new relationships and seem very happy.

Uche’s name was brought up several times throughout the reunion in conversations with Milton, Lydia, and Aaliyah. After all the talk about him was over, Nick Lachey said, “Uche was invited to come be part of the reunion, but he chose not to be a part of it.”

Love is Blind season 5 – Uche
Love is Blind season 5 – Uche /

After watching the reunion, I reached out to Uche to ask him why he missed the reunion, and he shared the following with me.

"I had a scheduling conflict. I was in Mexico on business."

This season has been quite a mess if you have been following things on social media. Uche has been outspoken about differences between what was aired and what happened. Renee has spoken up about her engagement with Carter, but has said she has more to say. Paige shared her engagement with Josh; they’ve since broken up.

The full Love is Blind season 5 is available to stream on Netflix now.