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Argylle on Apple TV+
Argylle on Apple TV+ /

Matthew Vaughn is talking up his new spy movie Argylle and it looks to be a crazy mix of action, sci-fi, romance and comedy! Here’s what to know about it!

Matthew Vaughn is no stranger to quirky movies like Kick-Ass and Kingsman. Now, he’s tackling Argylle, a tale of a spy author who finds herself in a real adventure. At the 2023 New York City Comic Con, Vaughn talked to io9 about the movie, doing his best to describe it as a strange mix of genres. “So, yes, Argylle is a spy movie, action movie, date movie, thriller, sci-fi, meta commentary.”

Interestingly, Vaughn continues to insist that the movie’s main character, Elly Conway, is a real person who sold a big $200 million book deal. The Hollywood Reporter did an investigation that revealed that no real person exists, but Vaughn says she does, making this a very interesting promotional gimmick.

That adds to the appeal of the movie, which already looks intriguing.

What is Argylle about?

The movie has elements of films like Romancing the Stone and The Lost City. Elly Conway is a spy novelist loved for her books on suave spy Argylle. In reality, Elly is an introvert who prefers to stay home with her cat, Alfie.

When she has to travel on a book tour, Elly meets Aiden, who claims to be a real spy trying to save her from being abducted by gunmen. It seems Elly’s books had inadvertently predicted real-world spy missions and events and a mysterious figure wants to make sure she writes the “correct ending.”

Now, Elly and Aiden (with Alfie in tow) are on a wild adventure where the lines blur between reality and Elly’s fictional world for an experience beyond any of her books.

Who stars in Argylle?

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Elly and seems ready to balance the action with the comedy. Henry Cavill is Argylle, while Oscar winner Sam Rockwell is Aiden and the indication is that somehow the pair swap places in some scenes.

The rest of the cast is a mix of people both in reality and Elly’s books and includes John Cena, Bryan Cranston, Sofia Boutella, Ariana DeBose, Dua Lipa, Catherine O’Hara, and Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Henry Cavill as Argylle
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway
  • Sam Rockwell as Aiden
  • Bryan Cranston
  • Catherine O’Hara as Elly’s mother
  • Dua Lipa
  • Ariana DeBose
  • John Cena
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Sofia Boutella
  • Rob Delaney
  • Jing Lusi

The movie is set to open Feb. 2, 2024, in theaters and then on Apple TV+ at a later date.

With its bizarre mix of action, comedy and blending reality together, Argylle looks like a movie only Matthew Vaughn could provide to kick 2024 off in a wild way for action fans.

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