How many episodes are in Living For the Dead on Hulu? (Episode guide)

Living For The Dead -- - -- , shown. (Photo by: Hulu)
Living For The Dead -- - -- , shown. (Photo by: Hulu) /

Living For the Dead has just premiered on Hulu and is an intriguing spin on the ghost-hunting formula. Just what are the episodes in this series about? Find out here!

Ghost-hunting shows are pretty commonplace on TV, but Living For the Dead is something different. Narrated by Kristen Stewart, the series focuses on a quintet of ghost hunters, all of whom are LGBTQ+ folks: Alex Le May, a ghost hunter; Juju Bae, a spiritual healer and witch; Ken Boggle, a tarot card reader; Logan Taylor, a psychic; and Roz Hernandez, a paranormal researcher.

Traveling around in a van, the group does the usual investigations of supposedly haunted houses but also attempts to heal the living in hopes that it helps the dead too. The five also banter and handle life on the road together, often in difficult local environments.

With all eight episodes now on Hulu, here’s a quick guide on how this unique show works out!

Living For the Dead episode guide

The show is a good binge on Hulu and, per Rotten Tomatoes, here’s a listing for each episode:

Episode 1: “Rainbows and Clowns”

The Ghost Hunties head to a haunted clown motel to help a family-run business, with one Huntie having to face his fear of clowns.

Episode 2: “A Spookiki With the Dead”

The Ghost Hunties check into Arizona’s famous Copper Queen hotel (known for some bizarre deaths) for a spookiki with the dead while also facing some past traumas among the Hunties.

Episode 3: “A Haunted Gaycation”

The Ghost Hunties head out for a gaycation in the desert, where paranormal activity forces a woman out of her dream home and makes an unexpected discovery.

Episode 4: “Dying for Hallow-Kween”

The Hunties investigate claims of a “ghost parasite” at the Waverly Hills haunted house and host a “Hallow-kween” party to get to the truth.

Episode 5: “The Werking Dead”

The Ghost Hunties head to the Palace Theater and uncover some unique performances to get at the truth.

Episode 6: “Keep Your Disembodied Hands to Yourself!”

The Hunties investigate possible hauntings at the Palomino, Last Vegas’ oldest gentlemen’s club, to stop ghosts from getting handsy.

Episode 7: “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Slay”

The Ghost Hunties try to help a community marked a sordid past for “their more frightening challenge yet.”

Episode 8: “A Lemp Slayance”

The Ghost Hunties take on the notorious Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, where several deaths highlight its history and hope to break a supposed 100-year family curse.

With these fun real-life ghost tales and the unique cast of hunters with their own stories, Living For the Dead looks to be a unique spin on the ghost hunter formula and a terrific reality binge for the Halloween season.

Living For the Dead  season 1 streaming on Hulu.

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