The Bold and the Beautiful won’t air on Black Friday. What’s airing in its place? (Nov. 24, 2023)

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The Bold and the Beautiful isn’t airing today, Nov. 24, 2023. No, not even a rerun will be available like it was yesterday on Thanksgiving when CBS re-aired 2021’s holiday gathering. The episode focused on Deacon and Sheila’s imagining of what it would be like to be accepted by their kids’ families and welcomed with open arms for Turkey Day.

It also featured what was actually happening at Logan Manor as everyone gathered to celebrate the holiday together. At this point in the soap, Liam and Hope were still married, Steffy and Finn were dealing with the fact that Sheila Carter is Finn’s birth mother, and Brooke and Ridge were caught up in their love. You know, two years down the road all of this remains the same. Sure, Lope are separated, Hope is in a situationship with Thomas, and Liam’s hoping to get in the middle of Sinn’s marriage, but neither of them have filed their divorce papers so they’re still married.

In any case, we won’t be returned to The Bold and the Beautiful‘s drama until Monday, Nov. 27. Airing in its place today is a college football game. The Iowa Hawkeyes are facing off against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The players take to the field at Memorial Stadium with kick off starting at 12 p.m. ET. The game is expected to air until 3:30 p.m. This does mean that The Young and the Restless will also be off-air today as well.

If you’re behind on the soap now is your time to catch up. Episodes are available to stream on Paramount+. We’re still in the middle of the ‘Eric is dying’ storyline with the family wrestling with his coming demise while keeping it quiet that they’re aware of his condition. Things are tense at the office as well as Ridge is fielding rightful accusations of nepotism from his nephew Zende and Hope for the Future has been benched.

Also, apparently Bill may know Poppy, bringing up the question with fans of whether he may be Luna’s father. This is the drama you have to look forward to continuing next week!

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