Silent Night is the perfect popcorn action movie

Joel Kinnaman as Godlock in Silent Night. Photo Credit: Carlos Latapi
Joel Kinnaman as Godlock in Silent Night. Photo Credit: Carlos Latapi /

For the first time in six years, director John Woo is behind the camera and getting us in the Christmas spirit with his new film, Silent Night. The action thriller is hitting theaters on Friday, and below I share my review and if its worth checking out.

Silent Night follows the story of a grieving father who begins to plan his long-awaited revenge against a gang on Christmas Eve. The film was written by Robert Archer Lynn, directed by John Woo, and stars Joel Kinnaman in the lead role of Godlock.

The film begins with us seeing Godlock running down the streets with a Christmas sweater on and blood all over his hands. It proceeds with us seeing two cars with men shooting at each other leading to a massive wreck.

Godlock gets involved by hitting one of the cars with a pipe. The men in the car begin to chase Godlock down, missing shot after shot at him, leading to the car wrecking. However, moments later a man gets out of the car and shoots Godlock in the back followed by the neck.

Left for dead, we see Godlock in the hospital slowly start to heel and come back, too. Although he is still alive, we find out the gang that took him down also murdered his son. He is now on the hunt to get in shape and seek revenge. He circles the date of Christmas Eve on his calendar and we see him begin to train for months on end to go to battle with the gang.

Silent Night
Joel Kinnaman as Godlock in Silent Night. Photo Credit: Carlos Latapi /

John Woo’s direction makes Silent Night an action packed ride 

John Woo is one of the greatest action directors of our time, and how he crafts these incredible car sequences keeps you in the driver’s seat while delivering some great shooting battles. Woo’s ability to capture the essence of the adrenaline rush that Godlock was feeling and implement it in each battle was masterful.

Speaking of Godlock, Joel Kinnaman is the perfect fit for this part. Kinnaman has been in the forefront of many action films like The Suicide Squad and RoboCop, but Silent Night allowed him to show us a side of him we’ve never seen. The entire writing of his character relies on Godlock not saying a word meaning Kinnaman had to sell the revenge story with nothing but his eyes and did so with perfection.

Silent Night is exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s got John Woo directing perfect action sequences while Joel Kinnaman kicks ass and takes names in this revenge thriller that never stops from the moment the film starts. This will be the perfect popcorn action film this holiday season.

Silent Night hits theaters on Dec. 1, 2023.