Severide is Investigated in a Hit-and-Run Accident in a ‘Chicago Fire’ + ‘P.D.’ Crossover


‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ returned from its midseason hiatus with a crossover event that found Kelly Severide in the center of an investigation.

On Chicago Fire, Kelly Severide has been looking for answers, for reasons to be a better man. He seemingly found it when he matched to be a bone marrow donor for Anna, a woman dying of cancer. When the two met, they immediately hit it off, calling each other “a perfect match.”

Could this be a future girlfriend for Kelly? It starting feeling that way when the flirting and future plans.

“I’m not always proud of the way I’ve lived my life,” Kelly said, “but this, I’ll have no regrets.”

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Why did he mention regrets? Because while he may not regret this, he has plenty coming right up.

Turns out the bone marrow transplant did not happen. The chemo Anna received did more damage than anticipated and her immune system took a beating. Then, Kelly headed to the bar to drink off his sorrows rather than go to work.

Afterward, the squad, ladder and ambulance ended up at a car crash where a minivan was hit by Kelly car’s, but Kelly was nowhere to be found. A little girl in the minivan was killed on her birthday as a result of the injuries she suffered in the crash.

Erin and Voight found Kelly at his apartment with gash on his forehead. He didn’t remember anything about the night from the blood loss (he had blood taken for the bone marrow surgery), the painkillers he took from a shoulder injury, and, of course, the alcohol.

Initially, Kelly is the only suspect in the crash, but as the Intelligence Unit investigates, Kelly is looking less and less like the person who was behind the wheel. The Intelligence Unit discovered a carjacking ring that started with the valet at the restaurant where Kelly was drinking. Through some shady maneuvers (including a fake abduction of the suspect’s mother), the Intelligence Unit found the head of the ring and the carjackers.

One of the carjackers admitted to hitting Kelly in the head and stealing his car. He and his accomplice sped away and crashed into the minivan. Thankfully, Kelly got released from jail because we were all so worried that he would become a convict … OK, not really.

Maybe this is finally the wake-up call that Kelly needs. While he wasn’t the person who smashed the car, he did drive drinks for a couple of blocks. But all Kelly has to do is look around and see the people that care for him. He named Stella his emergency contact, and she took the role very seriously. Erin had his back the entire time, even when it seemed Jay was a bit jealous. It doesn’t matter that Kelly slept with both women, they both care for him enough to have his back when it matters.

The crossover was solid, but it was obvious from the beginning that Kelly was not the perpetrator. It was just a matter of getting to the part of the story where the fingers would point at someone else. I appreciate the writers not dragging out the storyline for the sake of a cheap thrill.

Family Matters

The Louie storyline on Chicago Fire hits pretty hard for parents. The idea that Gabby and Casey could lose this boy is tough. They’ve bonded with him and Gabby has been through so much already when it comes to trying to become a mother.

But she is doing the right thing by letting Louie’s father, a military veteran who only recently found out he had a son, see him. Of course, nothing quite works out. Andre, Louie’s father, didn’t show up to the meeting, but it’s likely more than just cold feet. Andre seemed so adamant about meeting Louie and stalked their family that it seems a little unbelievable that he would just bail out on the meeting.

The storyline will continue next week.

Gabby’s character has been great throughout this storyline. It’s complicated and not a black-and-white situation. Monica Raymund has portrayed all of those emotions in this role. She has been the mom who will do anything to protect her kid, but also compassionate to the biological father. I loved watching her when Andre came to the firehouse because she was fierce and wouldn’t back down.

When Casey showed up at the end of the confrontation, he asked Gabby why didn’t she call him. Gabby said there wasn’t time, but really, she didn’t need him. It’s great having a partner to share all the good and the bad with but Gabby can hold her own too.

I am not sure what I want for the family. I feel for Gabby because it’s traumatizing to go through a miscarriage and now fighting for the custody of a child. But, Louie’s father has shown up and he has a right to be with his son. Regardless of what happens, there aren’t going to be any winners.

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Stray thoughts

– When did Olinsky become such a jerk? I mean, he was always surly, but his attitude toward Burgess was nasty.

– Erin picked such strange times to talk to people about her dad wanting to come visit. Stakeout can be boring, but this isn’t a time for serious talks. Make out sessions, however, are OK.

– Did anyone else get the feeling that somehow it’s going to turn out that Voight is Erin’s father? He knew Bunny for a very, very long time, and didn’t seem to know who Erin’s father was – despite having known the guy.

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