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Meet the Team

Sandy C.,Editor

Sandy Casanova is the Editor of Hidden Remote. She has been a member of the FanSided network since 2015 and has contributed to multiple sites across the entertainment division, including NetflixLife.com, GuiltyEats.com, Fansided.com, and DogODay.com. Sandy's current obsessions are Euphoria and Marvel. [Got a pitch? Reach out to Sandy at sandra.casanova@fansided.com]

Alexandria Ingham,Site Expert

Alexandria Ingham is a fulltime self-employed freelance writer for hire and loves to write all things TV. Whether it's a fun list post about a specific TV show, recaps of her favorite shows, or an insight into intriguing characters, she is your girl. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Sabrina Reed,Associate Editor

Associate Editor of Hidden Remote. Co-host of The CW Spiral podcast. Proud Barchie. Iris West-Allen stan. Contributed to Netflix Life and Dork Side of the Force. Work occasionally spotted on Bam Smack Pow. Has written one article and counting for Winter is Coming. Previously covered general entertainment news, romance, and YA books for Culturess.

Aysha Ashley Househ,Contributor

I'm a multimedia journalist with a passion for entertainment news. If I'm not writing, I'm on my couch binge-watching TV shows or working up a sweat in Zumba (I know, two complete opposites!). Some of my favorite shows are Once Upon A Time, Outlander, Lucifer, The Big Bang Theory, and I Love Lucy. Come talk to me any time, I'd love to fangirl with you!

Diana Nosa,Staff Writer

Diana Nosa is a Staff Writer for various Entertainment sites across Fansided. Her interests include reality TV, celebrity drama, and juicy Netflix dramas, but her heart is and forever will be hopelessly devoted to anime. Her favorite anime of all time: Fruits Basket, Hunter x Hunter, and Nana. (Hit her up if you need some recommendations!)

Ricky Valero,Contributor

A passionate movie critic that isn't afraid to share his honest opinion in the world of film. Also a lover of the awards season.

Natalie Zamora,Head of Entertainment Content

Natalie Zamora is the Head of Content at FanSided Entertainment and the co-host of podcasts One Good Scare and Can I Steal You for a Second?. As part of the Minute Media team, her work can be found on Netflix Life, Hidden Remote, Winter is Coming, Mental Floss and more. She's an expert on horror and celebrity gossip, and loves a good true crime documentary.

Rebecca Mills,Contributor

Rebecca Mills is a sports and entertainment writer. When she's not writing about Bob's Burgers or the New Orleans Saints, she can be seen eating Taco Bell or reading a book.

Cody Schultz,Entertainment & Lifestyle Director

Cody Schultz is the FanSided Entertainment and Lifestyle Director and host of Netflix Life: A Streaming TV Podcast. As a member of the FanSided network since April 2014, his work can be found across the FanSided Entertainment brands including at HiddenRemote.com, NetflixLife.com, OneChicagoCenter.com and BamSmackPow.com, among others. When he's not writing or developing strategies for covering today's top entertainment titles, he's likely binge-watching something new or geeking out about Marvel. Have an interview or feature pitch? Contact Cody at cody.schultz@fansided.com

Travis Lakata,Contributor

I love writing about entertainment, talking about geeky things, and expressing without a doubt how much of a dork I am.

Dan Girolamo,Contributor

Movies and Television are my passion. Entertainment junkie and nerd. New York sports fanatic. I can name the past 40 Best Picture Winners in order, but I struggle with long division.

Anmol Pandhi,Contributor

Good cinema makes me happy

Richard Schertzer,Contributor

Richard has written about films for years and has dreams and aspirations of becoming a filmmaker in Hollywood or Atlanta. He has written articles for "The Total Plug", "The DMV Daily", "Sportskeeda", "Movieweb" and "The Daily Wyvern". His presence, tenacity and hard work is seen in everything that he does.

Elizabeth Learned,Contributor

Greetings from my little corner of the Internet, where writing and television would take up all of my time if I had it my way.

Marissa Messiano,Contributor

Marissa is a story producer and entertainment writer who loves theorizing about her favorite shows and geeking out with fans.

Gabii Rayner,Contributor

23. She/her. Marvel lover, foreign drama fan, true crime enthusiast!

Ricky Frech,Contributor

Perpetually rewatching Survivor seasons and complaining to his wife about bad gameplay that happened a decade ago.

Victoria Davis,Contributor

I'm a multi-media journalist aiming to bring arts and entertainment to life through storytelling. Film has the power to inspire, excite and engage audiences everywhere. I'm just the girl on the keyboard spreading the word.

Richard Urquiza,Contributor

A writer typing away at articles and passion projects within the shadows of New York City. When Richard isn't writing, he's probably watching old movies, reading old books, or playing old video games.

Mads Lennon,Contributor

Maddy Lennon is the Associate Editor of Netflix Life. She has been a member of the FanSided network since 2019 and contributed to multiple sites across the entertainment division, including Hidden Remote, 1428 Elm, and Show Snob. She is currently studying for her master's degree in creative writing and working toward writing her first novel, in addition to watching tons of television and movies, plus reading and playing video games! She particularly loves horror, crime/psychological thrillers, fantasy, and historical/period dramas. [Got a pitch? Reach out to Maddy at madison.lennon@fansided.com]

Matthew Pyne,Contributor

Cinephile. Pre-WGA. "You don't just roll out of bed and become Charlie Parker." - Damien Chazelle

Matt Agosta,Contributor

Matt is passionate about all things film and TV. Follow @mattagosta on Letterboxd for awesome recommendations.

Hugo Amaya,Contributor

Everything Chelsea FC related always. At all times. Video game enthusiast and anime fanatic.

Graham GSM Matthews,Contributor

Since 2008, Graham has been a diehard pro wrestling fan and, in 2010, he combined his passions for WWE and writing when he joined Bleacher Report. Equipped with a master's in journalism, Graham has contributed to WhatCulture, FanSided's Daily DDT, Sports Betting Dime, and GateHouse Media. Along the way, he has conducted interviews with wrestling superstars like Chris Jericho, Edge, Goldberg, Christian, Diamond Dallas Page, Jim Ross, Adam Cole, Tessa Blanchard, Ryback, and Nick Aldis among others.

Maxance Vincent,Contributor

Maxance Vincent is a freelance film and TV critic, and a recent graduate of a BFA in Film Studies at the Université de Montréal, with a specialization in Video Game Studies. He is now currently enrolled in a graduate diploma in Journalism.

Thomas J. Brown,Contributor

Thomas J. Brown is a freelance journalist and film critic based in Chicago, IL. He is a member of the National Sports Media Association as well as the National Association of Black Journalist. His work is often humorous and insightful, and always original.

Eric Trigg,Contributor

Horror fanatic with a passion for other genres as well.

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