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Meet the Team

Alexandria Ingham,Site Expert

Alexandria Ingham is a fulltime freelance writer, and loves to write all things TV. Whether it's a fun list post about a specific TV show, recaps of her favorite shows, or an insight into intriguing characters, she is your girl. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Sandy C.,Site Expert

Sandy is a writer, editor, part-time foodie, watcher of TV and movies.

Rachel Reed,Contributor

Noah Mussay,Contributor

When Noah Mussay isn't having in-depth discussions about his favorite shows, he's listening to podcasts about them. He's a 2018 graduate of the University of St. Francis, where he got his B.A. in Communications.

Marissa Messiano,Contributor

Marissa is a story producer and entertainment writer who loves theorizing about her favorite shows and geeking out with fans.

Shana Lieberman,Contributor

Shana has always been obsessed with four things: writing, reading, dancing, and television. Throw in a love and talent for Mathematics, and it's probably not surprising to anyone to hear that Shana is also a geek, nerd, and dork of all flavors. Mmm flavors. She also really loves food.

Dan Girolamo,Contributor

Movies and Television are my passion. Entertainment junkie and nerd. New York sports fanatic. I can name the past 40 Best Picture Winners in order, but I struggle with long division.

Rebecca Mills,Contributor

Rebecca Mills is a sports and entertainment writer. When she's not writing about Bob's Burgers or the New Orleans Saints, she can be seen eating Taco Bell or reading a book.

Greg O'Shalae,Contributor

My DVRs are perpetually at 98% capacity. I'm a Chicago Bears fanatic, Marvel comic/movie geek, believer in a 12-month football season, hater of poor reality show strategists, and a JCVD expert. I choose a favorite movie over sleep, and I can quote the entire script to Karate Kid.

Joseph Heindl,Contributor

I have always been passionate about film, TV, and video games. The visual storytelling possibilities that they offer allow audiences to be truly transported to another world. As such, analyzing how well these tales accomplish their goals has been a prevalent activity of mine for years. In reading, watching, and writing reviews of various onscreen works, I have grown more and more knowledgeable in observing the artistry at play in a given project. Using this knowledge, I can individually rate the quality of various aspects, such as acting, cinematography, and production design. I can then judge how well these aspects come together, eventually ruling the project as a success, a failure, or somewhere in between.

Neda Mostafavi,Contributor

Television enthusiast and self professed geek.

Reed Gaudens,Contributor

Reed Gaudens watches too much TV and lives to talk about it. He is still upset that Hindsight was canceled and thinks you should watch Happy Endings.

Sarabeth Pollock,Contributor

Sarabeth Pollock has been attending comic conventions before they were cool, starting with Star Trek conventions at the tender age of 11. These days she's a regular at San Diego Comic Con and has attended WonderCon, Star Wars Celebration, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, D23, and the Long Beach Comic Expo. She worked as an assistant athletic director at a West Coast Conference school, which cemented her lifelong love of sports. Frequent trips to Disneyland, along with training for half marathons in the Rock and Roll Marathon and runDisney circuits, help to balance out her pop culture and sport obsessions.

Brittany Frederick,Contributor

Brittany Frederick is an award-winning entertainment and sports journalist, screenwriter, and novelist. She runs FanSided's One Chicago Center (for NBC's One Chicago franchise) and Precinct TV (for TV crime dramas). Reach her at her official website (brittany-frederick.com) and on Twitter (@tvbrittanyf).

Elizabeth Learned,Contributor

Greetings from my little corner of the Internet, where writing and television would take up all of my time if I had it my way.

Michael Bibbins,Contributor

Huge fan of the Dallas Mavericks, Baltimore Ravens, and all things South Carolina Gamecocks. Every now and then I allow a social life to interrupt my tv and movie viewing. Never hesitant to share a sports hot-take or provide a show/movie recommendation.

Erin Qualey,Contributor

I'm an educated fool with pop culture on my mind.

Erica Mariera,Contributor

I write about movies, tv, and games. The biggest fan you'll meet of Westworld, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Harry Potter.

Aedan Juvet,Contributor

Aedan is a writer and self proclaimed pop culture aficionado, born and raised in California who shows relentless passion for film, television, comics, anime and horror. When Aedan isn’t writing about his passions, he can be found perpetually viewing episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or actively using social media outlets to share his odd quirks and random thoughts with regular doses of sarcasm and wit.

Susan Lulgjuraj,Contributor

Susan is an award-winning journalist who has covered just about every sport from the high school level all the way to the Super Bowl. She enjoys television, great writing, baseball cards and books. Follow her on Twitter @yanxchick.

Parish Hodges,Contributor

#PurpleHairedPrincess. I've dabbled in all things media including radio and producing. I can write about anything, but Movies+TV=❤

Sabrina Reed,Contributor

Entertainment writer. Lover of sunflowers. Can usually be found writing, reading, watching TV, or hanging with her cats.

Victoria Davis,Contributor

I'm a multi-media journalist aiming to bring arts and entertainment to life through storytelling. Film has the power to inspire, excite and engage audiences everywhere. I'm just the girl on the keyboard spreading the word.

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