‘The Blacklist’ recap Season 4, Episode 10: The Forecaster No. 136


The FBI team find a girl who can predict murders of high-ranking officials while Raymond Reddington sets off on his own mission to replace Mr. Kaplan on ‘The Blacklist.’

Things may seem like they are looking up for Liz Keen and her husband Tom on The Blacklist. As Lizzie points out in their opening scene, everything is great. There’s no one chasing them, no bodyguards, Agnes is safe, and they even have windows (and a skylight). The only thing hanging over their head is Tom’s former life.

During their moving-in process, Tom finds a stack of his fake passports. He throws them in the trash can and Liz remarks how it’s not an easy life to give up. This is probably coming from experience because no matter how much she would like to give up certain someone (Tom once upon a time and, now, Red), she just can’t let them go. But we all know this picket-fence life isn’t long to stay. After all, Tom has a spinoff he needs to get to.

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Just as they’re feeling safe in their new apartment, AGENT Liz opens the door to find someone left a diorama of a woman floating face down in a swimming pool. An hour later, the diorama’s depiction comes true. A woman takes a sip of get healthy green shake and then gets in a pool to do her laps. But midway through her butterfly stroke, she starts choking and can’t breathe. The woman drowns.

So who left the diorama and how did they know? That’s a tricky question.

The person shows up again outside of Liz’s apartment while Tom and Agnes are sharing some daddy and daughter time. Tom chases the perpetrator down the street (yes, while leaving Agnes alone) but quickly runs back to his daughter. A fingerprint on the diorama and one left on a railing outside of the Keens’ apartment leads to a woman named Fiona. She tells the FBI agents that the dioramas are premonitions.

She takes them to her apartment and introduces them to her 9-year-old daughter, Maggie, the one with the premonitions has been making the dioramas. Turns out this has been happening for two years and every one of the dioramas – 42 in all – have come true. Her daughter has an undiagnosed cognitive disorder. But Aram figures out the “visions” are not supernatural but rather the girl is picking up cell phone conversations through her hearing aid.

As the FBI is scanning the area to find the conversation, they pick up on people talking about how a girl needs to be dealt with. The girl in question is Maggie. Just as Liz spots the person having the phone across a courtyard in another apartment, she runs off. Liz and Resslar chase him, but he eludes them and gets Maggie instead.

They managed to get her back when Aram suggests ramping up the sound on the frequency of her hearing aid. The girl screams out and is rescued.

Back at the Bad Guy’s apartment, the FBI team combs through the evidence and discovers a pattern to the deaths. The people who are being killed are invaluable to their companies and dramatically affect the stock prices. Turns out the person in charge of the ring, Chris Farnsworth, has made a fortune. He’s able to run off before the FBI catches up to him, but not before putting out one last order.

Maggie constructs a diorama for this murder scenario and the FBI team heads to stop it. While the Bad Guy is attempting to kill the trader/accountant who can trace the money back to the crooks, Resslar runs to the top of a building across the street. From the other building, he shoots the Bad Guy trying to cut the cable wires through a frosted glass. Liz hits the emergency brake and the man’s life is saved.

While Liz was still part of the action, inexplicably leading a SWAT team with just a handgun and aviators, it was intriguing to see her revert into her original role as a psychologist when talking to the mother about the daughter. Every once in a while, seeing Liz be that person makes the show a bit a better rather than having too many people play the action hero.

Photo Credit: The Blacklist/Will Hart, NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: The Blacklist/Will Hart, NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Trouble in Paradise

Reddington had nothing to do with this Blacklist criminal. In fact, The Forecaster registered No. 136 on the list, which is just the eighth lowest the show has portrayed. Instead, Reddington was on his own case.

He pitted two men against each other so that it seemed Reddington could have revenge on a friend that had been killed by a man named Iniko. However, Dembe doesn’t seem convinced and realizes late what Reddington is up to.

Red’s friend had been killed in all-white apartment, and no trace of blood showed up. Reddington, impressed by the work, killed Iniko to hire his cleaners – the job once held by Mr. Kaplan.

“This is about replacing Kate,” Dembe says.

“She’s irreplaceable.” Correct.

But now Dembe is concerned that Red can’t see anything else beyond Liz and Agnes. Dembe shows up at Liz’s pristine new apartment to tell her that Reddington has killed Mr. Kaplan. But it seems like a showdown might be coming between Dembe and Red.

One of the cleaners and Dembe had an interesting exchange:

Cleaner: “What happened to your last cleaner?”
Dembe: “She was murdered.”
Cleaner: “Were you close?”
Dembe: “Yes.”
Cleaner: “Have you caught the killer?”
Dembe: “No.”
Cleaner: “Do you know who he is?”
Dembe: Yes, I do.
Cleaner: “That’s good. Then it’s only a matter of time.”

Uh oh.

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Stray Thoughts

  • After spending an episode seeing how the other’s live, The Blacklist went back to showcasing Liz and Red. Only they weren’t working together. The show is better when Red is at the forefront. His storyline – while likely setting up something bigger – was not compelling.
  • Reddington put an all-white puzzle together. There is probably some big metaphor here, but I can’t figure it out.
  • As The Blacklist writers seem to strengthen Tom and Liz’s relationship, how are they going to rip them apart so that he could pursue learning about his past?
  • When having a bad day at work, I ask for pictures of my kid sent to me. I totally get it, Liz.

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