‘Chicago P.D.’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 12 Sanctuary


Two teen murder suspects seek sanctuary in a local church and tempers rise in the local community. Burgess learns the ropes from Olinksy through tough love on ‘Chicago P.D.’

When a jogger is found raped and killed in a park, two local black teenagers are fingered as suspects since they were seen running from the area. However, this isn’t an easy chase for the members of the Intelligence Unit as the two boys run into a local church seeking sanctuary on Wednesday’s Chicago P.D.

The priest of the church is also a local activist who has a long history with Voight and Olinsky. Since the boys are currently the only suspects, the Intelligence Unit is trying to figure out how to get inside to talk to them. Meanwhile, they go through all the list potential suspects to find who may committed this heinous crime.

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They look into her violent stepfather, her boyfriend (who she wanted to break up with) who has a temper problem, and a married man she is having an affair with. While all may have had a motive, none of them were anywhere near her at the time of death – even if the boyfriend has a flimsy alibi.

As the investigation continues, a crowd is growing outside the church. The priest called in the media – just in case the police needed to be kept in check. But the crowd outside the church is angry, on both sides. Some want to protect the teens. Others want them brought in to be questioned. When the priest finally relents to let Voight into the church to talk to the boys, things actually get worse.

While Voight is interviewing the suspects, a Molotov cocktail is thrown the window and the church catches fire. They have to run out of the church – and their sanctuary – and get hauled to jail.

But it doesn’t seem as Voight actually believes they committed the crime even if the teens were drinking vodka in the park. So, the crew goes through the evidence again. That’s when Jay notices that the woman, Zoe Simms, saw someone as she was stretching during her run. A different camera revealed a park worker, who Burgess interviewed earlier and pointed his finger at the boys, following the woman.

That’s when things get weird.

Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Burgess tells everyone that the phone number the suspect gave her comes back as out of service and she intended to follow-up. Olinsky, who is teaching Burgess how Intelligence works, is not happy with her. She should have informed someone and followed up when a red flag appeared. Now, their new suspect could be anywhere.

They arrive at his home and look around – and find a severed head in the freezer.

Yes, a severed head.

When the suspect comes home, he realizes that someone is on to him and drives off instead so the police have to give chase. Olinsky and Burgess find his crashed car at the edge of a wooded area. They go in after him and the suspect gets the drop on Olinsky. He holds a shotgun to Olinsky who is powerless to do anything.

Burgess tackles the guy with a hit that would make anyone watching a football game cringe. A collective cheer went up.

The suspect eventually admits to Voight that he killed the woman. He’s had urges, he said. And since he knew he would eventually get caught for killing his landlord (remember, the severed head in the freezer), he figured why not give into the urge this one time.

“It was everything I could have hoped for and more,” the deranged killer said.

Another terrible person off the streets while Voight apologizes to the boys and lets them out of the jail cell. Just like everyone else, they’re happy the killer is found.

Even with all the blunders Burgess made – leaving a case file in her car, not following up on the out-of-service phone – all is OK as Olinsky thanks Burgess before leaving for the night. “Thanks, partner,” he said as he touches her shoulder.

That one word “partner” carries a lot of weight because Olinsky didn’t want to be the one to show Burgess how Intelligence works telling Voight that he didn’t want to see it break her spirit. But, at the end of the day, she’s got his back and that’s what matters.

Never Lie to Voight

Kenny Rixton had gone to talk to one of the gang members he’s close with to see if he knew anything about the murder. Little Dougie tells him that the two teens aren’t associated with his crew and Rixton tells him to lay low for a while since police are combing the area.

Little Dougie tells him “I owe you one,” and Rixton responds, “You owe me more than one.”

However, when Voight later asks him about the meeting, Rixton says Little Dougie was out-of-town. It seemed like a quick throwaway moment and it happened so quickly. But Voight doesn’t forget – and also knows when you’re lying. He’s like Santa Claus.

Voight later calls Rixton into his office to let him know that he also has trusty informants who spotted him with Little Dougie earlier. But instead of kicking him off the team, Voight gives him another shot.

“If you ever withhold information from me again, I will bounce your ass right out of here,” Voight tells him.

Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson (but then where would Ruzek fit in when he comes back).

Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Atwater’s Stand-Up

Atwater had a chance to do an open mic night at The Laugh Factory for a comedy routine. The end of the episode had him do a little bit, but at Molly’s, and he talked about running from the cops while shopping at 7-11 – even though he’s a cop. He ended on a hopeful note though saying that maybe one day, this wouldn’t be the norm.

An interesting note occurred on Twitter when Sophia Bush (who plays Burgess), tweeted the following…

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Stray Thoughts

– Is there a better couple than Linstead on TV right now? Their relationship doesn’t cause friction in their work life. When Voight told him he didn’t want to see it, they’ve done a great job letting work be work and personal life be personal life. But it’s the small things they do for each other every day that makes it so cute.

– Seems parts of the show were cut for time. Torrey DeVito and Carl Weathers also had credits at the beginning of the episode, but both were just briefly seen at the end helping to rebuild the church. Makes me wonder if they had bigger roles.

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