‘Superstore’ Express Lane: The 6 Best Jokes in Season 2, Episode 15


‘Superstore’ stumbles into a discussion on reproductive rights when the truth about Jeff and Sandra erupts during the wellness fair.

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Chaos abounds in Cloud 9 all of the time, but Superstore turns up the chaos factor to full volume for the reveal of the store’s various sex scandals. In one unwitting move by Amy, everyone’s dirty secrets come to light during Cloud 9’s health and wellness fair and nearly kill Glenn in the process. You can’t hit Glenn with liberal ideals on the same week he quit juice cold turkey.

When Amy fakes an illness to see a movie with her daughter, she catches Jeff and Mateo on a date. Thinking Jeff’s cheating on Sandra with Mateo, she consults Garrett and Cheyenne on how to proceed (the exact two you want in your gossip think tank), which doesn’t go as planned. It’s the Cloud 9 way. Amy and her coworkers happen upon on a debate about women’s reproductive rights (a cause star America Ferrera has passionately spoken about), proving yet again that Superstore is one of the smartest sitcoms on television as social issues only amplify the comedy rather than stifle. Now, it’s time to hit the 10 items or less lane with the six best jokes in the latest episode.

1. “I hate Paris. That place is just one giant gay ashtray.”

Dina doesn’t believe that Amy was actually sick on her sick day doesn’t give up until she sleuths the truth. (“What in the name of God is Lego Batman?” might be Top 5 in the funniest things Dina has ever said.) Dina also doesn’t sign off on Sandra’s impending trip to Paris with Jeff. Amy prods Sandra for information after seeing Jeff and Mateo together. Even though Garrett advises her to do nothing with her cheating allegations, she keeps pushing until the gossip gets out.

2. “How many people have you seen die? I’ve seen, like, seven, but I’m not sure it counts ’cause it was all at once.”

During the wellness fair, Glenn becomes insecure when he senses that Jonah is smarter than him. Did Glenn really not know that Jonah was smart before the wellness fair? It’s not like Jonah does much to minimize his air of intelligence in his speech. Still, Glenn’s pride takes a hit when Jonah has to help him operate an exercise bike. Cut Glenn a break. He’s been riding bikes since he was 19!

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3. “Okay, we’re good on the days.”

Once the gossip about the Mateo-Jeff-Sandra love triangle gets out, Amy tries to put out fires. But she only fans the flames. Amy fabricates a story indicating that Sandra and Jeff were actually an item. Cheyenne blurts out that Sandra is pregnant, leading Amy to advocate for staying hush hush on the matter because Sandra isn’t sure she’s going to keep it.

4. “What do you think is the worst Supreme Court decision of all time?”

Of course, Glenn doesn’t react well to the mention of abortion. (One of the best parts of Superstore is Glenn as a parody of Midwestern Christianity. It’s the comedy gift that keeps on giving with every issue the show addresses.) Glenn shows Sandra the joys of parenthood in the baby section. Poor Sandra never knows how she ends up in these situations.

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5. “I was thinking of getting all the tattoos from Moana.”

Jonah overhears Glenn advocating against abortion, but he swoops in just in time to argue for a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. (Combined with Jonah’s display of male feminism last week, it’s hard not to swoon.) Glenn and Jonah fight about reproductive rights in the middle of the store, culminating in Glenn shouting “I’m a big, flaming feminist!” and almost passing out. How hilarious and vindicating would it be if by the end of the series, Glenn completely abandons his beliefs for a life of liberalism?

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6. “In his defense Sandra is extremely forgettable. Remember when we left her at Dave & Buster’s on her birthday?”

It’s not a normal workday if the crew of Cloud 9 isn’t getting sat down for a stern talking to from Jeff. Rather than learn their lesson about arguing about abortion in the middle of the store, the employees clear their dirty laundry. Dina cops up to sleeping with Garrett, Jeff and Mateo go public, and Glenn realizes flamboyance doesn’t equate gayness—a big day for Glenn. Like most episodes of Superstore, no firm stance is taken on the issue. But damn if the exploration isn’t hilarious.

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