Big Brother Season 19: Kevin Schlehuber is the hero we need but don’t deserve

Credit: Big Brother/CBS
Credit: Big Brother/CBS /

Kevin Schlehuber, the 55-year-old stay at home dad from Boston, is the Big Brother Season 19 underdog we never knew we wanted to root for.

We saw the cast of Big Brother Season 19 announced this week, and there was a lot to unpack. Chief among the things that immediately stood out was the inclusion of Kevin Schlehuber.

Kevin is an anomaly. He’s a 55-year old stay-at-home dad who is about to enter a house full of people who at the very least are 15 years his junior. That’s a bold thing for this guy to do, especially since he won’t tell us what he does for a living.

He lists stay at home dad as his occupation but what’s the real deal with this guy? We’re going to find out when the cast gets together for the series premiere in a week, but for now we have a new hero to get excited about.

Meet Kevin:

This guy is a father of at least one kid (we don’t know how many right now), is pushing 60 and is ready to take the Big Brother house by storm. Look at the three adjectives he uses to describe himself:

  • Caring
  • Humorous
  • Charismatic

If that’s not the most dad answer to ‘three adjectives that describe you’, I don’t know what is. All that’s missing is a joke about a refrigerator running and we’re all set.

This year’s cast is a little older than the rest, and that’s not just Kevin’s age brining the median down. There are five housemates who are in their 30s and most of the remaining 11 — excluding Kevin — are in their late 20s.