Death Row Cody is a delight

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Cody expects he’s going home this week and he either just started caring or really stopped caring. Either way, it’s incredible.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate — just for the week, because he’s probably gone soon — Cody. Since Jessica’s eviction, Cody has either stopped caring entirely or started actually playing the game. Because now, the man has a strategy for Big Brother, even if that strategy is just speak his mind, try to lose and come what may.

And really, the results have been incredible.

But first. Last Thursday, during the live eviction show, Jessica gave quite the speech when she knew she was going home:

"I want to thank everyone at CBS, I’ve been watching the show since I was a little girl and being here was just a dream. Happy early birthday to my brother.Cody, everyone says you ruined my game, but in all honesty, you made all of this worth it, so thank you.And houseguests, it took 15 of you and half of the season to get one of two targets out of the house, so I wish I could say, I’m impressed, but I’m not. And, Cody and I have never been the biggest targets here. It’s not Forrest Gump over there, it’s Mr. Friendship. And if you leave him in the house any longer than you already have, you’re bigger idiots that I thought you were.Bring me home, Julie!"

Unsurprisingly, she was then evicted, but her words did in fact seem to influence Cody who has applied a similar hard truth tactic to all his conversations in the house since.

Anyone simply talking to Cody freaks Paul out, which is delightful, and Cody is simply delivering hard truths to anyone who will listen.

He tells Kevin that he has no strings or no power in the game, so why go up against him?

Then he tells the houseguests they are “damn psychopaths” and Paul is after them because of it.

Cody then tells Elena that she’s always at the bottom of Paul’s family alliance — why does she think she’s always used as a pawn?

Some may say it’s a social game. Some may see a man trying to cause as much damage as possible before departing, as his showmance partner would have wanted. Whatever the case, we’re very here for Cody in Death Row mode. Who knows what he’s saying right now on the live feed.