Bob’s Burgers: Ranking the best episode of each season

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Season 2: “Bob Day Afternoon”

Season 2 is a lot different than any of the other seasons because it only has nine episodes. Narrowing it down to just one is a little bit difficult, but “Bob Day Afternoon” was easily the best. It not only introduced a completely goofy storyline but added a new character for future episodes plus some solid voice-acting.

The episode has a lot of high points, mostly due to Bob having to be a hostage and Louise yelling “It’s my daddy!” or Linda, Mort and Teddy all offering up everything for Bob’s safe return. The episode has some really great humor, too including Bob and Frond being stuck together, the cops tear-gassing themselves and Bob having a dye pack stuck in his back pocket.

There isn’t much to complain about in the episode. Some of the jokes fall flat, but it’s a really enjoyable episode. Casting Bill Hader as Mickey was spot-on and he made for a likeable criminal. A weird, but true statement. The episode also circles back to what the show’s truly about: family. They all care about Bob and want him to safely return home.

“Bob Day Afternoon” is everything Bob’s Burgers stands for. Full of laughs, heart and family, it’s one of the best showings from a short Season 2.

Honorable Mentions: “Beefsquatch”, “Bad Tina”, “Burgerboss” and “The Belchies”