Bob’s Burgers: Ranking the best episode of each season

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Season 4: “Wharf Horse”/”World Wharf II: The Wharfening”

If Season 3 set the precedent for the show, then Season 4 upped the ante. Season 4 had a lot of great episodes including more holiday episodes, more episodes focused on single characters and the first two-part episode. Maybe this is considered cheating a little bit, but I couldn’t include the two-part episode without both parts.

In this two-part episode, Bob starts agreeing with Felix in wanting to sell the Wharf. He thinks he’ll be able to be taken more seriously as a chef and it’s exciting. Eventually, after spending time with Calvin, he changes his mind. That results in Felix kidnapping the two of them and trying to kill them before the kids, Linda and eventually, Felix come back to save them.

The episode featured some awesome musical moments, mystery and some dark but fun humor. The high points were the songs, Tina chaining herself to the carousel and the family trying to decode Bob’s texts. The episode was unlike anything the show had done before and really paid off, showing the Bob’s Burgers crew can do funny and serious.

This episode really marked a turning point for the season as they knew how popular they were becoming and could take some risks. Thankfully, this risk paid off and they’re still on the air so overall, this episode changed Bob’s Burgers in the best way.

Honorable Mentions: “Fort Night”, “Christmas in the Car”, Turkey in a Can” and “The Equestranauts”