Will & Grace premiere preview: How will the revival tackle that time jump?


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How does the revival handle the series finale time jump? Here’s everything you need to know about the premiere of Will & Grace.

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After 11 long years, Will & Grace has returned to reclaim its throne as one of television’s most important sitcoms, and guess what, honey? The premiere episode will more than prove that that importance never once waned. Even though viewers might not have expected to catch up these four again, they’re back to make America laugh again. And they couldn’t have returned at a better time.

Will & Grace picks up with the biting humor of last year’s voting PSA, as Will and Grace each contend with their political beliefs and the subsequent shame involved with their “woke-ness.” But don’t expect the sitcom to retreat to exclusively political humor and storytelling. Karen, as problematic as her own beliefs may be, will still be inappropriate in the workplace, and we can always count on Jack to simultaneously have nothing and everything figured out. There’s just one small speed bump the revival’s debut episode most clear: The Season 8 finale’s time jump to the next generation of Will and Grace.

In the original series finale, Will and Grace’s respective son and daughter meet 20 years later at college and eventually marry. Their children’s meet cute reconciles the former BFF’s falling out, but you won’t be hearing a peep from these kids in the revival — because Ben Truman and Laila Markus no longer exist. How does the revival sweep them under the rug?

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Here’s three leading theories to consider: 1) The finale flash forward was an alternate reality. 2) Karen had a mystery-pill fever dream. 3) Grace’s stress nightmare had a second act. Of course, the updated take on the timeline begs even more questions. Do Will and Grace’s husbands still exist? Has Karen maintained her wealth? Did Jack actually shack up with Beverley Leslie?

Before the premiere answers these questions and more, watch a first look at what the gang has been up to 11 years later in the sneak peak video below!

Wondering what we can expect from the Season 9 premiere of Will & Grace? Check out the official synopsis of “11 Years Later” via NBC:

"“After 11 years, the highly anticipated return of Will & Grace. We pick up with Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Jack (Sean Hayes), and Karen (Megan Mullally) 11 years since we last saw them. Will and Grace both falter when their political beliefs are put to the test. Jack and Karen help Will and Grace hide their secret shame from each other, but the truth finally comes out.”"

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The first season and ninth overall of the highly anticipated revival will contain 16 episodes and air on Thursdays, back in the original sitcom’s (which you can now binge in full on Hulu) Must See TV home. But what’s going on? What’s happening? When, where, and how can you burst into Will and Grace’s apartment like Jack and grab a cocktail with Karen? Here’s everything you need to know to ensure you don’t miss a minute of Will & Grace.

When? Thursday, Sept. 28
What time? 9 p.m. ET
Which episode? Season 9, Episode 1, “11 Years Later”
Where? NBC
How can you watch? Stream 1 | Stream 2