Sin Cara talks WWE-Foot Locker footwear, Eddie Guerrero, Cruiserweight division, more


Photo Credit: Sin Cara/WWE 2017

In this exclusive interview, WWE star Sin Cara discusses Foot Locker’s new line of WWE footwear, Eddie Guerrero, the Cruiserweight division and much more.

Sin Cara has broken boundaries and even captured gold throughout his tenure in WWE, but his recent relationship with Foot Locker and Rebook Classic to produce a new line of footwear and merchandise might be his biggest accomplishment yet. And with October being Hispanic Heritage Month, there wasn’t a better time for the shoes and shirts he’s been working on to hit the shelves.

Ahead of the anticipated release of the Foot Locker swag on Oct. 13, I had the distinct honor of talking to The International Sensation to discuss what went into his partnership with Foot Locker, how he was influenced by Eddie Guerrero, his brief stint in the Cruiserweight division, his goals going forward, and much more.

Photo Credit: FTP Edelman 2017

Hidden Remote: Where did the idea stem from to help Foot Locker and Reebok Classic debut a new WWE collection of footwear and what has been your involvement been in the process?

Sin Cara: As we all know, we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, so it’s been an idea for a while and I was very hands-on with the project. I had the opportunity to talk to the people directly at Foot Lockerand Rebook and I had a lot of input with the t-shirt and the shoe and the box the shoe comes in, so I feel very honored to be able to participate in this project.

Hidden Remote: Are there any other wrestlers that you are aware of or are friends with that have been on board with this project?

Cara: A few of my friends I told about the project and everybody was really happy for me that something like this is going on and is happening for me, which is pretty cool. They hadn’t really seen much of it before it started going on and October 13 will be the release date of the shoes and two of the Sin Cara shirts and two t-shirts for Eddie Guerrero.

Kofi Kingston is one of those guys that loves shoes also and I know Big Cass also loves Jordans and a few other guys. Rusev, too, he loves tennis shoes. Some of us, we see each other and talk about sneakers and when the release date is for certain sneakers and what color they’re coming out in and we’ll ask “Did you get them?” or “How did you get them? Where did you find them?” We tend to talk a little bit about that. Some of the boys really like sneakers, so it’s fun to be able to talk about something besides just wrestling.

Photo Credit: FTP Edelman 2017

Hidden Remote: How do you think this idea for a collection of WWE footwear could open the door for more potential partnerships with other companies as well as help bolster WWE’s already wide selection of merchandise?

Cara: I think there’s a lot of sneaker lovers and some people that don’t know about wrestling that are going to end up knowing who Sin Cara is or who Ric Flair is or who other Superstars are because it won’t be the typical going to or going to a wrestling show to buy a wrestling shirt. You’re going to see it at a Foot Locker and maybe the fan that’s not the normal fan for us is going to have the opportunity to buy a t-shirt even if they don’t know about wrestling but if he likes it, he’s going to buy it and wear it. That’s the great opportunity here to get to a different type of market.

Photo Credit: FTP Edelman 2017

Hidden Remote: What kind of influence did Eddie Guerrero have on your career and how did he help pave the way for future Latino wrestlers in WWE?

Cara: For me, I grew up in El Paso, Texas, that’s where Eddie grew up also. I had the very first look at Eddie’s career when he was starting back in the day and I was about eight-, nine-years-old and he was about 18 and I remember vividly the matches he had when he started and how he evolved into what he became: the superstar known all over the world. To me, he was a great influence, one of those people I believed that if he could do it, I could do it also. He motivated a lot of us, a lot of people from the area. Not just from the area but overall in Latin America that anything could be possible.

Photo Credit: WWE 2017

Hidden Remote: Between yourself, Kalisto, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, Andrade “Cien” Almas and others, there’s a plethora of Latino stars in WWE at the moment. Do you think any of them, including yourself, can fill that role Eddie once had as a perennial main event star in WWE at some point?

Cara: I don’t think, to be honest, that’s a question anyone can really answer. I can’t compare myself to Eddie or that I’m going to fill anyone’s shoes. I’m Sin Cara, I’m unique, I’m different from everybody else. Kalisto’s different. I think we’re just trying to make our own history here in the company, and for me, the most important thing is keeping myself healthy and keeping my legacy going and hopefully one day when my career’s over, I can say I also had a great career, but nobody can replace Eddie.

Hidden Remote: What was your brief stint in the Cruiserweight division like and do you believe WWE is using those guys to their full potential?

Cara: To be honest, I was trying to make the most of my opportunity, but in my case, I was only there for a couple of weeks. I wasn’t really there for long. I think the Cruiserweights are great athletes and talented wrestlers, but in my case, I think I’m too big for the division. Not weight-wise because I weigh like 198, but height-wise I’m a lot bigger. I’m about 5 ’10” and I put on the boots and I’m 6′.

But it’s one of those things where they want a certain type of wrestler in the division and that’s fine. I didn’t think it was a bad decision by the company not using me there but now there’s a lot of opportunities for the all the kids that are doing that. Kalisto just transitioned into 205 [Live] and I wish him the best and hopefully that division can flourish now.

Photo Credit: FTP Edelman 2017

Hidden Remote: As a former tag team champion, what else do you wish to achieve in WWE, and do you believe making this deal between WWE and Foot Locker and Reebok Classic happen could be one of your biggest accomplishments to date?

Cara: Yeah, definitely. There’s still a lot of things I want to do in my career. I want to be U.S. champion, Intercontinental champion, heavyweight champion and maybe help Foot Locker design some shoes. That would be awesome because I do some stuff on my own, I help some of my coworkers get their boots done and design some stuff for them, so I’ve done some of that work. It’ll be fun in the future to collaborate on some nice shoes.

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