The 30 best Disney songs

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#8 “I Won’t Say I’m in Love,” Hercules

Sung By: Susan Egan, Lillias White, Cheryl Freeman, and Vaneese Thomas

I Can See What’s Happening: Meg is deep in love and she’s too proud to admit it! Meg tried her hardest, but it couldn’t be helped — she has fallen in love with Hercules. This should be great news, but Meg has not had the best experience with love so she is hesitant and in denial. But in the end, Meg knows there is no turning back.

Favorite Line: “My head is screaming ‘get a grip, girl!’ unless you’re dying to cry your heart out.”

Why It’s Part of Our World: This song is too true! Many women are cautious when it comes to falling for a guy. It’s also just fun to sing!

#7 “Belle (Little Town,)” Beauty and the Beast

Sung By: Paige O’Hara in animated movie, Emma Watson in live action

I Can See What’s Happening: Beauty and the Beast introduces the intelligent and beautiful Belle, the Beauty of the film. Belle is…less than impressed by her small town, and she’s not afraid to say it! In her song, she talks about being bored by the town’s repetitive routine and wishing there was something more to life than this.

Favorite Line: “There goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls to sell. Every morning just the same, as the morning that we came.”

Why It’s Part of Our World: More than anything, “Belle (Little Town)” has a catchy tune. And the way it was performed, with many characters joining in the song as Belle walks through the town (both in the animated movie and live action), is a lot of fun to watch.

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