Will & Grace recap: The 5 best burns in season 9, episode 5


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In the latest Will & Grace, Karen spars with Beverly Leslie as Will and Grace make big career moves. Let’s recap with the five best quotes!

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For the past three weeks, Will & Grace has been generous with its usage of guest stars, some new and some returning. This week, this sitcom goes for both with Max Greenfield playing Grace’s new “power gay” boss Eli Wolf and Leslie Jordan returning as Karen’s sworn enemy Beverly Leslie. That’s right! He’s back, and the barbs are being thrown left and right just like old times.

While Jack fights with a coworker at the Bronx Boys and Girls Club over a shared winning scratch-off ticket, Will and Grace each work hard to land big promotions. For his part, Will hopes to make senior partner, and for hers, Grace tries to woo Eli Wolf into choosing her to design 15 boutique hotels. However, one of them achieves their goal, but the victory doesn’t feel so sweet. Meanwhile, Karen reunites with her arch rival, and it’s like a day hasn’t passed since they last exchanged roasts in the original Will & Grace. As much as we love seeing the core four bantering as a foursome, we could honestly watch an entire season of Karen and Beverly tearing each other down to size with sharp zingers. Let’s recap the with the five sickest burns from the latest episode!

1. “I thought they’d torn down all the corroded, old Confederate statues.”

Karen retires to her hotel suite after a day of hitting the links (ah, the difficult life Karen Walker leads) to find a morphine drip. But someone wasn’t kindly supplying her with drugs — Beverly Leslie has taken over her room. Megan Mullally and Leslie Jordan slide back into the love-to-hate dynamic quicker than a crack of the knuckles. The jabs fly like knives, inspiring Karen to spike her martini with morphine.

2. “You want to go to the ball, Cinderella? Stick that in a pumpkin and send him my way.”

Grace takes her meeting with Eli Wolf (Max Greenfield) and learns that she’s up against another designer for the job of a lifetime. She tries to use Tony, her hunky designing apprentice, as a chiseled bribe, but Eli catches Will’s photo on Grace’s phone and her mission becomes clear. To land her biggest job yet, Grace pushes Will and Eli together, but Eli’s turned off by Will’s crying over his promotion. If Will wanted the senior partner title so badly, why isn’t he excited about his accomplishment?

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3. “How dare you throw conflama in my face!”

In the midst of Karen’s blast from the past and Will and Grace’s career complications, Jack’s off being Jack. If there’s one thing the revival is doing particularly well it’s positioning Jack as much less self-centered. Last week, he helped spring his grandson from conversion therapy camp, and this week, he fights with coworker Theodore over their 2K in scratch-off winnings. Now, it sounds like Jack’s being greedy with all of this conflict and drama (“conflama”), but when he learns that Tasha, one of his students, needs north of a thousand dollars to repair her dad’s car, Jack gives her the money. Old Jack would never!

4. “What’s your next bombshell? Harvey Weinstein isn’t always a perfect gentleman?”

As it turns out, Beverly Leslie turns to Karen in his time of need. Not only is he recovering from a mysterious plastic surgery procedure, he comes out as gay to Karen. Considering she has known him for an extended period of time, she doesn’t respond to the news with a gasp. It’s never okay to assume someone’s sexual orientation, but… like… duh. Beverly decides it’s time to tell his wife Crystal, who’s celebrating her 90th birthday. Karen “helps” as best she can: She sends a text to Crystal that revs up her engine. Karen: 1, Beverly: 0.

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5. “Oh, look. It’s white Diana Ross.”

Since Grace has been so consumed with scoring the position as Eli Wolf’s designer, she completely drops the ball on being Will’s best friend. His potential promotion slips her mind as she chases Eli to a hotel helipad and fights for her job. Eli, of all people, reminds Grace that she failed to ask her best friend about his senior partnership. Karma gets her good with a mixture of wind and humidity, which Will enjoys poking fun at. But when she realizes Will no longer wants to be a corporate lawyer, she asks him to work with her. And just like that, Will and Grace (or will it be Grace and Will?) are in business!

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