Chicago Fire Season 6 fall finale recap: Why is Stella Kidd leaving the firehouse?


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It’s the Chicago Fire fall finale and everything would be amiss if one of the family’s place in the firehouse wasn’t at risk.

While some fire fighters would see a chance to go into public relations as a good thing, Stella Kidd certainly does not. She’s an active-duty fire fighter through and through. The woman would never be able to cope behind a desk, especially not after the way she saved the baby in the opening call of the night.

Just what will happen? Will we still have Stella at Firehouse 51 by the end of the episode?

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Stella Kidd makes an impression

Chicago Fire opened with an intense opening. With a mother and baby at serious risk, Stella barges her way in and gets the baby out. There is no way anyone could stop her.

While it would usually be a good thing, but it’s put Stella in the public eye. Now the public relations office wants her behind a desk to make the CFD look good. That’s a nightmare for Stella and for the firehouse. While Casey and Boden try to keep her at the firehouse, they fail, although it does turn out that nobody specifically asked for her. Believing there’s no way to get out of this, Stella gets drunk in Molly’s to say goodbye to her friends. Severide gets her home, only for her to drunkenly kiss her.

While everyone cheered at the kiss, Severide pushes her off and tells her sweetly “not like this.” Yes, Severide has grown and it’s a beautiful thing. Now we just hope that something will come from this later.

Stella’s first day it’s made clear just why she’s been pushed into the limelight. She’s needed to prove that the CFD hires minorities and women. But that’s not all.

Casey finds out that Chief Mullens (the guy who got Casey promoted) signed the paperwork. Why would he want to get rid of such a great fire fighter out of active duty? Well, he didn’t do it.

His signature was forged by non-other than Hope. We all knew it was coming. Hope wanted Stella gone, but it backfired and Hope is now out in the cold. She didn’t even have to pack her own desk. Connie had (kindly?) done it for her.

Hope attempts to get a second chance with Brett through more lies, but it doesn’t work. Brett is rightfully angry at everything Hope has just thrown away.

The great thing about uncovering the deception is that Stella is back at the firehouse.

Otis has a new hope for Molly’s

It wouldn’t be a Chicago Fall fall finale without something pivotal around Molly’s. Don’t worry; the bar isn’t in danger this time. Instead, Otis wants to expand (again). After visiting a closing bar, he meets the owner and learns from the owner’s daughter, Lily, about the necessity to sell items off. It’s 30 years of life gone.

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village

Otis doesn’t want to see the bar close down, so he talks to Herrmann and Gabi about expanding Molly’s. This won’t be Molly’s 2, but Molly’s North. Hopefully there won’t be any Molly’s North Food Truck attempts!

Gabi deals with her father

We just knew Gabi’s father’s issues weren’t finished, right? He’s still causing problems for Casey and Gabi. This week he pushes himself around with Casey’s name at the alderman’s office. Someone may have wanted to tell him that Casey isn’t an alderman anymore.

Well, his attitude is so disastrous that his bosses aren’t happy. He’s put on probation at work and he turns to Gabi for help. Maybe he should have thought of her before putting tension between Gabi and Casey.

The last call of the night is for Gabi and Brett. As they get to the train station, they hear about how a “crazy guy” attacked strangers and stabbed a guy in the abdomen. Were we really that shocked for Gabi to turn the victim over and find out that it was her father?

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In the end we’re left with more questions than answers for the Chicago Fire fall finale. Can Gabi save her dad? What’s going to happen between Stella and Severide now? Can Stella forgive Brett for bringing Hope into the firehouse?

We’ll have to wait until 2018 for the questions now. Chicago Fire Season 6 returns on January 4, 2018 with its midseason premiere.