This Is Us season 2 episode 7 highlight: Relive that moment Toby talks to Jack

Jack talks to Toby in a scene from Season 2 Episode 7 (Credit/This Is Us Youtube NBC)
Jack talks to Toby in a scene from Season 2 Episode 7 (Credit/This Is Us Youtube NBC) /

Last night’s episode of This Is Us had a moment that the fans are never going to forget as Toby talked to Jack about wanting to marry his daughter Kate.

Toby may have never got a chance to meet Jack, but he knows what he means to Kate. Last night, Toby made the decision that he needed to have a man to man talk with Jack all about wanting to marry his daughter. So he sat there, next to his urn, and they had a long talk. This is one moment fans of the show will never forget.

Toby starts out explaining to Jack that he isn’t having a conversation with him about this, but of course, it went there anyway. He goes on to explain that it would have been nice to get his blessing the right way, but obviously, that couldn’t happen.

He went on to explain that he would have “crushed” proposing and that they have that in common along with their “insane good looks.” Toby then goes on to explain to him about how he knows that Kate loves weddings and he isn’t sure that she wants the courthouse wedding. Toby is going to Jack for a bit of advice and even though he can’t really give it to him, it seems like talking to him helped.

Later this episode, Toby goes out and buys $200 in sweatshirts to propose in his own way to Kate. It doesn’t look like a courthouse wedding is what will be happening for this couple.

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