Dragon Ball Super: Episode 116 recap


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Dragon Ball Super: Episode 116 “The Comeback Oman! Ultra Instinct’s Great Explosion!!”

Thoughts from episode 116 of Dragon Ball Super and a play-by-play…

In episode 115 of Dragon Ball Super Goku tried using super saiyan blue on Kafla, but it was no match. Goku then gained enough stamina to use super saiyan blue kio-ken, which gave him a slight upper-hand. However, Goku ran out of stamina before he could end it. Kafla landed a devastating blow to Goku’s neck, which knocked him out. The blow actually sent Goku beyond his limits similar to the spirit bomb in episode 110. As a chain reaction Goku was able to reach ultra instinct again.

Episode 116: “The Comeback Oman! Ultra Instinct’s Great Explosion!”

This episode had a real old school Dragon Ball Z feel to it with the music and camera angles. The episode began with Goku retreating to the top of a rock position, where he began to power up. Kafla jumped to a rock formation across from Goku and also began to power up. Kafla tells Goku no matter how much he powers up, she will power up further.

The energy these two warriors unleash sends rubble flying and even send weaker warriors flying. Vegeta and Toppo’s fight is interrupted from this power up, and so is Gohan and Piccolo’s fight with the Universe 6 Namekians. Piccolo narrates the action of these two powering up as he’s known for being wise.

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  • Fight begins

    Goku tells Kafla he is finished powering up. Kafla launches at Goku, but he dodges her attack at the last second. Kafla assaults Goku with a flurry of attacks, but Goku dodges everything with ease. Vegeta then gives us a flashback of he and Goku’s training with Whis. Whis explains to Goku and Vegeta how they must learn to fight, and Vegeta realizes ultra instinct is what Whis was explaining.

    I have to give props to Dragon Ball Super for setting up future arcs. A few examples of this is the Universe 6 tournament setting up this arc, and this arc setting up for a future planet Sedal arc. Back to the action, Goku lets himself drop off the rock formation. Kafla dives after him. As the two are falling they make eye contact, and Kafla realizes she is wide-open. Goku punches her, and it sends her flying.

    Jiren awakens

    Kafla comes back and asks Goku if that all he’s got. Whis then explains Goku is unconsciously dodging attacks, but he still thinks before using his attacks. Which results in Goku’s attacks being less effective. We then see Goku’s arm throbbing. Whis then mentions Goku’s stamina is running out quickly and he will likely have to end it with the next attack.

    Kafla then goes berserk and starting shooting energy blasts in all directions. Goku begins to power up an khmehameha. When Goku does this Jiren’s eyes slam open. Jiren reunites with his teammates Toppo and Dyspo. Dypso tells Jiren Goku’s movements have become sharp again, but Jiren remains silent. I also want to mention real quick we got to hear Goku talk in his ultra instinct form this time, which we didn’t hear in episode 110.

    Kafla eliminated?

    While Goku dodges Kafla’s attacks Whis explains while Goku is unconsciously dodging, he’s consciously focusing all of his energy into his attack. Kafla believes she has trapped Goku and that he can no longer dodge, but Goku flips in the air and uses his khmehameha to skid across the top of Kafla’s energy wave. Goku then releases the khmehameha at point blank ranges in Kafla’s face. The attack sends her flying out of bounds and the potara breaks. Because the potara is broken Kale and Caulifla defuse.

    With the elimination Universe 6 is in trouble, and Champa also realizes it. Kale is apologizing for being eliminated, while Caulifla is clearly angry with her elimination. The only members left for universe 6 are Pirina and Saonel, the Namekians. Goku reverts back to his base form, and is again out of stamina. Frieza is pleased with Goku’s performance and mentions Goku is going to have to achieve this form again. Now that Vegeta knows what it is Goku has done, he vows to achieve and master this form before Goku does.

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    Episode 117: “Showdown of Love! Androids vs Universe 2!!”

    Just as the title mentions, episode 117 will feature Android 17 and 18 taking on members of Universe 2 in order to save a worn out Goku.

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