This Is Us producer talks about Randall’s choice in college

Young Randall from Number Three (Youtube/NBC)
Young Randall from Number Three (Youtube/NBC) /

This week on This Is Us fans saw that Randall Pearson went and visited a college other than Harvard where his dad Jack assumed he would go. This college looked like a perfect fit for him.

Producer Isaac Aptaker is speaking out about their choice to have Randall check out another college. EW got the chance to talk to him about how Randall was interested in Howard University and they visited this on the last episode, which was Season 2 Episode 10.

He shared that writer Kay Oyegun is the one who came up with the idea that Randall might be interested in Howard University. He grew up in a home where he could never be a part of this kind of culture since his entire family was white. Heading to Howard University would give Randall something he hasn’t been able to get in any other way.

For now, nobody knows where Randall Pearson will end up at college, but it is obvious that he ends up going. The fans are just going to have to wait and see, but there is some speculation.

Pop Sugar shared that they feel like it is possible that he goes to Howard University and this is where he meets Beth. It has already been revealed that Beth and Randall meet in college and also that Jack dies before Randall heads off to college. Maybe Beth was lucky enough to meet Jack while he was doing his college tour before he passed away. There is a girl in the tour that Jack took that could be Beth, but you never know.

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