This Is Us episode recap ‘Clooney’ Season 2 Episode 12


This Is Us episode recap for ‘Clooney’ Season 2, Episode 12 revisits William and focuses on the interaction of two unlikely pairs, Kate and Madison and Miguel and Kevin.

This Is Us opens Season 2, Episode12 with William’s old cat, Clooney, running through streets of his old neighborhood. Clooney makes an appearance throughout the episode, scurrying about in a way that makes us all reminisce about William and the days he was a regular on the show. Right off the bat, we know we’ll be revisiting one of our favorite late characters.

Kicking off the episode, the teenage big three head off to the mall with Jack and Rebecca to get new ensembles for the upcoming Winter Formal. Rebecca is thrilled that Kate initiated a mother-daughter shopping trip and jumps at the chance to bond with her teenage daughter. Kevin is sprawled out on the couch sulking about his football injury, his giant cast a total eyesore. When Jack asks if Kevin intends to take Sophie to the dance, Kevin says not likely because he can’t dance and can’t play football. After a peppy Jack Pearson nudge, Kevin’s up and off to the mall with the family. Right as they’re leaving Randall comes down after crafting a custom magic eight ball and asks to join along. The purpose of the eight ball unknown, but the appreciation for Randall’s adorable nerdiness ever present.

The adult big three have their hands full from the start of the episode. As Randall sits at the kitchen table and helps his girls with their school projects, Beth somewhat anxiously asks Randall if he’s sure he’ll have time to drive out to William’s old place and return in time to make his job interview. Randall appears to be rather aloof regarding the interview and totally psyched to go retrieve an old box of William’s that was found by one of his old neighbors. Kate’s back in her support group because of her relapse subsequent to her miscarriage. An unlikely friendship seems to blossom as Madison, the thinnest girl in the support group that Kate’s always raising an eyebrow to, insists on taking her wedding dress shopping.  They go off to a fabulous bridal boutique and indulge in champagne and macarons. Shortly thereafter, Madison is visibly uncomfortable and excuses herself to the restroom. It becomes clear at that point that Madison is suffering from bulimia. Next, we see Kevin being discharged from his rehab facility and off to stay with Rebecca for some time in hopes to repair their damaged relationship. As soon as Rebecca and Miguel open the door, welcoming Kevin, the tension coming from Kevin toward Miguel is very apparent.

Teenage Kate sees a dress she likes at the store with Rebecca and takes a few sizes with her to the fitting room. The ritual of clothes shopping is clearly an uncomfortable one for Kate and when she’s unhappy with the way she feels in the dress, she rushes out of the store not wanting to face her mom. While Kate goes off to hide away in another store, Randall is hesitant peering in at his romantic interest, trying to muster the courage to approach her. Kevin and Jack run into Miguel, who’s sad because his ex-wife Shelly was just engaged to a newer, taller man the previous day. When Jack starts to offer an optimistic sentiment to Miguel, Kevin calls him out and says sometimes people just want to wallow. So off the three of them go, to the food court to wallow in their misfortunes together.

Randall sets off on his mission to retrieve William’s box and upon opening it, finds some old belongings including some poetry and sketches. He is immediately intrigued and taken with a poem his father wrote, “Lady,” about a mysterious love interest, a neighbor he fancies. Randall starts knocking on doors of William’s neighbors, asking if they were having a love affair with his late dear dad. He can’t seem to track down the person he’s hoping to find. Back at Rebecca and Miguel’s house, Kevin and Rebecca decide to head out to grocery shop for some sugary goodness together. Kevin reveals to Rebecca his shame and remorse over losing his father’s necklace. Kevin’s tension toward Miguel seems to be escalating at this point and he confronts him by asking why he encroached on his chance to be with his mom alone. Miguel admits he’s there to protect and support Rebecca from any potential attacks of character or accusations Kevin may lay on her. Eventually, Kevin apologizes to Miguel despite his aloof demeanor.

Randall makes it to his job interview but when the phone rings, he unprofessionally takes the call mid-interview, in hopes William’s “Lady” is calling. While it isn’t the lady herself, it is William’s old neighbor suggesting Randall talk with the building super because she may be the one he’s looking for. When Randall returns to the apartment building, the super denies any romantic involvement but insists Randall follow her over to #4, William’s old apartment. At first unsure, Randall obliges and enters the apartment, looking around and taking in the memory of William. When he looks out the window, a magnificent mural of Billie Holiday is in clear view with the words, “Lady Day.” The mystery is solved and Randall enjoys a memory of his dad talking about his love for the musician. After Kate’s bridal boutique experience ended on a sour note with Madison, she’s surprised to get a frantic call from Madison and rushes over to her house. When she lets herself in, she finds Madison sitting on the floor in her bathroom, a fresh cut on her forehead from fainting. Kate and Madison bond over their shared complicated relationship with food and weight and Kate tries to be supportive even if it feels a bit unnatural to her.

The teenage big three close out their portion of the episode with Randall bravely approaching a cute redhead named Allison and asking her on a date. Before she has the chance to answer, he hands her the unique eight ball and suggests she let fate decide. She shakes the ball and smiles as she reads, “Don’t overthink this, Allison.” (Five points to Randall for creativity.) Kevin and Jack try on suits together and while both are looking quite dashing, have a sweet and genuine moment that was much needed. Kevin brings up Jack’s forgotten dream of starting a business, Big Three Construction, and ironically offers Jack an optimistic and peppy sentiment.

Kevin upon further contemplation decides to approach Rebecca and her discomfort exhibiting PDA with Miguel in front of him. Rebecca explains she didn’t want to make Kevin feel bad or uncomfortable so she tries to be mindful when he’s around. This seems to affect Kevin, maybe even make him feel guilty. He tells his mom she shouldn’t have to hide her affection because of him and asks her if she’s happy. She assures him that she is very happy with Miguel.

The episode wraps up with Clooney finding a new home with a little boy that must need him very much. Jack and Rebecca sit on the couch after a long day of shopping with the teens and Jack tells Rebecca he’s once again considering starting Big Three Construction. Rebecca takes that in for a moment and then seems to decide she’s going to be supportive. She says it should be an exciting endeavor and they embrace each other lovingly.

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