Chicago Fire recap: Chief Grissom pits lieutenant against captain

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

It’s time for Severide and Casey to go up against each other in Chicago Fire yet again.

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It would be a season of Chicago Fire without Severide and Casey finding themselves at the opposite end of a decision. Nor would it be a season without the two being pitted against each other due to their differing opinions. However, this time it’s some choice words from Chief Grissom that pits captain against lieutenant when a call goes wrong.

Meanwhile, Brett is given some spa tickets by Dawson and has to find a plus one to take with her. There’s a surprise taker in the last episode before the Olympic-sized break.

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Differing opinions and a potential bad call

The episode starts with Firehouse 51 being called out to traffic accident. A prisoner transport van has driven straight on into the viaduct and now the driver is trapped with a possible cervical fracture. He’s also bleeding out, so Severide think it best to get the driver out as soon as possible. Casey doesn’t want to risk making the fracture worse, so suggests the longer route.

In the back, the prisoner has woken from his unconscious state after being knocked out and starts bashing the grate behind the driver. Casey has no choice but to get the prisoner out, who runs for his freedom. Luckily Severide is able to stop him, but the driver has been injured further and now needs pulling out as quickly as possible. It’s not enough and the driver later dies at Med.

The case pulls Chief Grissom in, as there are complaints about the way Casey handled the situation. Of course, Grissom wants to talk to Severide first, who makes it clear that he supported Casey’s decision. That’s not what Grissom tells Casey, pitting the two against each other. Boden isn’t impressed with Grissom’s actions, but his hands are tied.

That night, the driver’s friends turn up at the firehouse angry at the situation. Trudy offers to smooth things over as much as she can, promising that with time most of the officers will understand. In the meantime, Casey decides to pay his respects at the driver’s wake. It goes much better than expected now that the driver’s friend is sober and able to communicate his loss effectively.

Meanwhile, Grissom tells Severide about a commendation for tackling the prisoner and goes on to discuss moving up the chain of command. It’s not something Severide is interested in.

Herrmann deals with “bring your kid to work” day

When it comes to personal lives, it’s always a good episode of Chicago Fire with Herrmann showing off his paternal side; and to watch him struggle. When it’s “bring your kid to work” day, Cindy decides that it would be a good idea for Annabel to see her dad in his job. However, all that entails is Annabel watching TV the whole day. Cindy isn’t happy that their daughter doesn’t get the full fire fighter experience.

Initially unapologetic, Herrmann gets a reality check from Mouch and Stella. There were plenty of things that Herrmann could have shown Annabel and this would have been the perfect time.

Trudy helps to teach Herrmann a small lesson. When Cindy signs Annabel up to be a junior police officer, she gets to walk into the firehouse with Trudy and serve her dad a written warning. He failed to notify the school about Annabel going to his work and that means a truancy warning.

Brett gets a surprise partner for a spa day

When Dawson gives Brett some tickets for a spa day, Brett needs to figure out who to take with her. Stella suggests one of Brett’s roommates, and of course Cruz is around when this suggestion is made. He instantly takes up the unoffered offer, sharing that his shoulder has been iffy since creating Slamigan.

Otis isn’t happy. He doesn’t want to see his living dynamic change and that’s totally understandable. It would be super uncomfortable when this relationship fails again. It’s not even clear if Brett is even into Cruz! In the end, Cruz decides not to turn up and sends Mouch instead.

Stella tries date night with Zach again

After cancelling her last date at short notice, Zach the Hazmat Guy decides to turn up at Stella’s work. He wants to take her on another date. It involves pizza and beer, so she definitely cannot resist.

While on the date, Zach indirectly asks about Stella’s living situation. Of course, this makes Stella defensive, as she remembers to herself that she’s living with her ex. After asking to move the subject on, she then cuts him off and tells him that the current living situation is just temporary and nothing to worry about.

The next morning, Stella decides to talk to Severide about looking for her own place again. He makes it clear that there’s no rush on the matter.

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Ending with a shocking twist

Of course, since there’s going to be another long break, there’s nothing like a Chicago Fire shocking twist end. Firehouse 51 and Hazmat are called out to an industrial building fire. There’s a risk of more chemicals exploding, so Zach’s team and Severide’s team head off into the building to find a way to stop the spread of the chemicals. Casey takes his team in for survivors, while Brett and Dawson set up a triage outside for the wounded.

Zach and Severide find the valve for one of the chemicals, but it’s stuck. As Zach turns it, the chemical explodes from the pipes and knocks both men off their feet. Zach’s mask is damaged and he is struggling to breathe. Meanwhile, Casey finds a woman who has part of one of the pipes sticking through her leg and calls Stella in with tools to cut the woman free. Stella hears Severide calling out for help through the radio.

Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago Fire/NBC, Elizabeth Morris Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

The release of the extra chemicals leads to the timing of another explosion to drop to just three minutes. Boden calls for all to pull out immediately, but trying to get a signal in and out through the radios is difficult. Once Cruz gets to Severide and Zach, Severide decides to rush to the roof to shut off the chlorine in an attempt to save more lives. Casey leaves Stella to get the girl out and rushes up to join Severide.

Although the two shut off the valve, they have to keep it shut manually. This gives enough time to get everyone else out, but puts their lives at risk. Casey uses this chance to tell Severide that he suggested the commendation for Severide. The episode ends with the two letting go of the valve and running to the edge of the building, where they can jump into the water.

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Will Severide and Casey both make it out alive? Will Severide accept the commendation? What’s Stella’s next move when it comes to her living situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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