Chicago P.D. recap: The 100th episode gets the explosive treatment

Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Parrish Lewis, Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Parrish Lewis, Acquired via NBC Media Village /

It’s finally the 100th episode of Chicago P.D.; a major milestone for any show. One Chicago chose to give it the explosive treatment.

The 100th episode is a big milestone for any show. Chicago P.D. opts for the explosive treatment when one of the Intelligence Unit’s own is put at risk. In the first part of the two-night crossover event, Voight and his team try to find the connection between media bombing victims. What starts off as a fairly standard case soon shows the danger of fake news and social media.

An explosion at the studio

It starts off with Antonio paying a visit to the firehouse, where his daughter, Ava, is spending time with Aunt Gabi. Antonio has found out she has a second social media profile under a fake name, so he can’t monitor it. While she doesn’t see the danger in that, Antonio sees it from the police side. He knows the danger of putting your whole life on the internet.

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While they argue, Trudy gets her appearance on the local news channel. Before Antonio can get Ava home, there’s a beeping on the TV and the news studio explodes.

It certainly doesn’t take long to get everyone into action for this explosive Chicago P.D. 100th episode and two-night crossover event.

Trudy makes it out of the explosion alive; injured but alive. She instantly goes into first-responder mode, checking on the other people around the studio. Meanwhile, outside, Voight is getting a handle on the situation and Mouch searches for his wife.

After shutting herself in a room, Severide gets into the building and gets her to call out. Once out, Trudy is able to give all the information she knows, showing just how brilliant she is in a situation. This is who I hope to be in such a situation.

As Brett and Gabi get one of the victims, Sheri, to the hospital, Antonio goes with them and gets information. A package was delivered to the office and it may have been the bomb. Unfortunately, the wound on her neck is too severe and she flatlines in the ambulance.

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Intelligence finds possible evidence

It looks like Sheri was the intended victim, as she got death threats through her email. There are two pictures of a guy near the studio and Intelligence debate over the way to handle this. Antonio wants to release the information to the media, which Voight goes with.

Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Matt Dinerstein, Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Matt Dinerstein, Acquired via NBC Media Village /

A journalist becomes a potential suspect, but as they go to his house there’s a bomb in his post box. He doesn’t survive the blast and Intelligence find themselves back at stage one.

It’s soon clear that it’s not isolated. Someone is targeting those attached to the media. Now they need to figure out the connection and figure out who the next person is.

Custom devices for the target

Severide and Arson find that each of the bombs was custom made for the target. While one was designed to blow up the whole studio and was on a timer, the other was rigged for opening the mailbox. However, the same materials were used within the bomb.

Most of the materials could be bought at a hardware store, but military grade C4 was used. This has to have been bought on the black market.

The tip to the media worked out. A suspect comes in with a connection to both media personnel, who is also Army. To top it off, he was an explosive expert. The problem is he won’t talk and the C4 is from six years ago. Halstead remains sure that the connections are too weak and Burgess can’t find anything concrete on social media.

Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Matt Dinerstein, Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Matt Dinerstein, Acquired via NBC Media Village /

A suspicious package delivered

While Intelligence searches another lead, a package is delivered to the police station. Trudy sees a note that makes her suspicious, so she calls bomb disposal. It turns out that it was another bomb but crudely made. However, the note makes a point that an innocent man has been arrested because of fake news.

Antonio clicks that it’s personal for this bomber. There’s a connection to a gossip blog that potentially tore someone’s life apart. Ironically the same thing is happening to the innocent suspect in custody, but Antonio doesn’t see that irony.

It soon all circles back to another journalist, who was accused of murder. The gossip turned out to be fake, but the guy was fired from his job because of the “PR nightmare.” He never forgave the paper for its actions and he matches the suspect’s description. Intelligence has a new suspect. When Intelligence gets to his home, they find a room covered in photos and “fake news,” making it clear they have the right guy. If only the right guy was still at home.

Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Matt Dinerstein, Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: Chicago P.D./NBC by Matt Dinerstein, Acquired via NBC Media Village /

This was a guy ready for Intelligence to come after him, making it harder to find him. They need to look into his past—and the case he was accused on Twitter for—instead. Despite Larry Shepherd social media accounts being deleted, there’s one piece left. He’s going after anyone who reported on him about the murder.

While Intelligence looks into other potential victims, a CI helps figure out where the C4 could have come from. It’s connected to a previous neighbor who offered to help.

In the end, Antonio releases his suspect without even an apology. However, things get back to his personal life, with Ava packing. It turns out the picture on social media wasn’t her at a party but picking up a drunk friend from a party. He’s been guilty of jumping to conclusions like many others have done in his current case.

When he finally goes to apologize to his suspect, he sees the vigilante “justice” at the home. It’s a shocking reminder that people will always jump to conclusions and putting that tip out was dangerous, just like Halstead believed.

As for the neighbor, there’s a chance they can get to him through an unorthodox method that relies on a couple of people at Chicago Fire. Voight needs Brett and Gabi to go undercover since they’ve responded to the neighbor due to his heart condition. Boden doesn’t initially want to help, but it’s the only option.

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The case concludes in tomorrow night’s Chicago Fire, Season 6, Episode 13, “Hiding Not Seeking.”

Were you shocked at the way social media turned on an innocent person? Did you believe Antonio did the right thing at the start? What do you hope to see in the second part of the two-hour crossover? Share your thoughts in the comments below.