Timeless Season 2, episode 3 recap: Hollywoodland

TIMELESS Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC via NBC Mediavillage
TIMELESS Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC via NBC Mediavillage /

Get ready to throw your hands up in the air in frustration as the Timeless writers throw a huge curve ball at the end of Hollywoodland.

Well, last night’s episode of Timeless certainly ended it with a twist. The moment many Clockblockers have been waiting for happened, only for it to be spun back on us within minutes. Credit where credit is due, the writers of Timeless certainly know how to mess with us all.

Timeless Season 2, episode 3, “Hollywoodland,” sent the timestream back to the forties in Hollywood. Just like the week before in “The Darlington 500,” they are not sure why they are even going there. What is it in this time period that is so important to Rittenhouse. Lucy has no idea and all Flynn can provide is a drawing.

That drawing, however, leads them to Paramount Pictures. It still isn’t 100% clear what Rittenhouse’s intent is until they hear that the movie, RKO 281, has been stolen. This was the code name for Citizen Kane and as far as Lucy is aware, it was never stolen. Pieces of the Rittenhouse puzzle are starting to fit.

As the time team try to track down the stolen movie and the Rittenhouse sleeper agent, it takes them on a journey amongst the Hollywood elite of that time. The most notable being Hedy Lamarr, an actress, scientist, and inventor, she is a historical icon that sends them all in awe. She also can see that they are not who they say they are.

Opening up and being honest, to a degree, they explain that they are undercover in search of the stolen film, RKO 281/Citizen Kane. An admirer of the movie herself, she offers her help and support and even lodgings for the night.

It happens!

This is where the moment many Timeless fans have been waiting for finally happens. During their stay at Hedy Lamarr’s house and while Rufus is getting a tour of her inventions. Wyatt and Lucy are left alone together. The Lucy/Wyatt romance is a go!

Fast forward to the next morning and the happy couple are discussing if they should keep their relationship a secret or tell everyone. In walks Rufus and the answer to their question is made for them. Rufus, as cool as ever, walks out of the room.

The agent

Rufus is ignoring the fact he walked in on Wyatt and Lucy getting it on, but intends to talk to them about it later. The time team then get ready to retrieve the film. During the party the night before, Lamarr introduced them to the right people, which allowed Rufus to overhear a conversation between the Rittenhouse agent and William Randolph Hearst.

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Citizen Kane damaged the reputation of the media tycoon and Rittenhouse is using it as leverage. They give him the film, save his reputation, and get a column in the highly influential newspaper where they can publish and effectively rewrite history.

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus arrive just as the meeting is taking place. Shots are fired between Wyatt and the Rittenhouse agent. Rufus makes a dash for the film, a move that almost gets him a bullet but causes a big enough distraction for Wyatt to bring the agent down. They grab the film and leave before anyone else arrives.

Changing history

Now that they have the film, they need to return it to its rightful owner. Rufus asks Hedy Lamarr to do this for them and she happily obliges. Before they part ways, Rufus asks her to do something — Make sure that she does not let her patent for her invention lapse. The time team leave, but before they board the lifeboat they have one more stop to make.

Upon their return to the present, Rufus checks on Hedy Lamarr and learns that she took his words seriously. On renewing her patent, she rightly earned what she was entitled to when the Navy decided to use her invention, about $20 billion dollars.

Another change had also been made: Garcia Flynn. During their last stop, Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt paid a visit to the prison Flynn is being held in during its construction. Under the orders of Agent Christopher, they left items from Flynn inside his cell wall on how to break out and join them in the bunker.

As everyone is getting accustomed to their new guest, the alarm goes off in the bunker. Someone has broken in. Agent Christopher sweeps the bunker only to learn that no one has broken in, someone has broken out. Wyatt is missing.

They try to call him, but he can’t be reached. He has taken off to a local bar where his wife Jessica is working…

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