Will & Grace recap: The 5 best burns in season 9, episode 15

Photo: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

Jack learns the truth about Karen’s marriage while Will and Grace face the Adlers. Let’s recap the latest episode of Will & Grace with the 5 best quotes!

You know you’re watching a reboot of a 2000s-era sitcom when it hits you with the infamous “to be continued.” One episode shy of the Season 9 (or Season 1, depending on how you feel about it) finale, Will & Grace breaks out the old sitcom standby, and it couldn’t be a better throwback. Not to mention, it’s perfectly timed for what’s shaping up to be shocking season-ender.

But fret not. NBC has already renewed the revival for not one but two more seasons. Will & Grace will be around through at least Season 11. That’s especially good news as the dynamics of the series begin to shake up. In the latest episode, Jack finds himself on the wrong end of a bitter breakup, while Will and Grace contend with her family on her late mother’s birthday. Could these two be getting a new roomie? Let’s recap with the five sickest burns from the latest episode of Will & Grace!

1. “I thought her dying wish was for you to get breast implants?”

Although Will thinks he and Grace are headed to Vermont for a weekend out of the city, she’s really taking him to Schenectady to visit her family. Bobbi Adler’s dying wish was for her family to have dinner together on her birthday, despite what Will thinks it actually was. Knowing that her sisters and father can be the most, Grace makes Will promise to live up to his “one job” and have her back. Immediately afterward, he attempts to jump from a moving car, paving the way for Grace’s expert-level Lady Bird reference.

2. “No one has been as crushed as I am right now!”

Jack visits Drew while he’s patrolling a crime scene after a falling piano crushed a man on the street. Being Jack, he of course has the utmost respect for the victim, by which I mean he doesn’t. He plays the piano and even lies on top of it after Drew declines his proposal to move in together. The past few episodes would lead us to believe Jack wouldn’t care if Drew lived or died, but he’s heartbroken over the breakup… perhaps the most crushed person of all time.

Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC/Chris Haston, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

3. “He’s using what he calls the bidet and we call the bathtub.”

Karen sneaks away to a hotel for a hot rendezvous, but it’s not with her husband, Stan. It’s Malcolm, the man who once helped Stan fake his death. When Jack rushes to Karen’s side for a shoulder to cry on, Malcolm camouflages himself with the curtains. Even though Karen couldn’t spot him if she swatted her arms around, Jack quickly sniffs him out.

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4. “I’m Khaleesi and you’re one of those soldiers with no balls.”

When Will and Grace arrive at her family home, Will ends up watching golf with Grace’s father, Martin (Robert Klein), while Grace tracks down her sisters, Joyce (Sarah Rue) and Janet (Mary McCormack). Much to Grace’s chagrin, Joyce and Janet want their father to sell the house and move on with his life. The kicker? They want Grace to bring the discussion to their father because she’s “the favorite.”

Before eating dinner, Martin starts reading Bobbi’s letter to the family, but Grace never brings up the house. Joyce and Janet act out and a fight erupts between the three Adler daughters. Eventually, Grace breaks the truth to her father, who doesn’t react well, but Will doesn’t side with Grace’s anti-selling stance. He had one job!

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5. “I have a VHS copy of ‘Same Time Next Rear.'”

It takes referencing the titles of porn parodies for Jack to piece together what’s happening between Karen and Malcolm. The two meet the same weekend every year for their secret affair, which devastates Jack as Karen and Stan were (for some odd reason) his example of true love. Malcolm leaves Karen with an ultimatum: Him or Stan. Who will she choose?

Following a healing singalong with her sisters, Grace has it out with Will, though she’s only mad at Will for his honesty. She realizes she’s merely holding onto what the house represents, and it’s only prolonging her grief for her mother. In record time, Martin decides to sell the house and, for the foreseeable future, move in with Will and Grace. That shouldn’t be awkward, right?

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The season finale of Will & Grace airs Thursday, April 5 at 9/8c on NBC.