A guide to all the best lingo on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- "The Lake House" Episode 801 -- Pictured in this screen grab: (l-r) Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta -- (Photo by: NBC)
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- "The Lake House" Episode 801 -- Pictured in this screen grab: (l-r) Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta -- (Photo by: NBC) /

Are you fluent in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

If you have a pulse and a working internet device, you probably know that the internet recently lost its mind when beloved comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled by Fox. Thanks to an uproar from fans, and a whole lot of social media soapboxing, NBC saw an opportunity. Less than 24 hours after Fox lowered the axe on the funniest precinct since, well… ever, NBC saved the day by snatching up the show and delighting viewers all around the world. (Yes, world. The wonder of Brooklyn Nine-Nine transcends all cultures.)

The subsequent hubbub surrounding the show’s brief cancellation increased its profile significantly. Viewers who had fallen off with the show promised to return, and people who hadn’t yet given it a chance found reason to do so in the cascade of irresistible comedic clips that peppered the internet following the brief cancellation.

One of the reasons Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so cherished is because it invites viewers in for a big, loving hug. Led by the taciturn captain with a gooey center, Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), the nine-nine is a motley crew of wildly different personalities who have bonded because of their differences and are stronger for it. Together, they’re a veritable Swiss Army Knife of wicked skills, ready for anything at a moment’s notice.

Of course, any good work family will eventually develop fun phrases, inside jokes, and teasing references, and the language of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is chock full of the stuff. With this handy guide, you can be in on all the fun too! Check out all the best lingo from Brooklyn Nine-Nine below.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: L-R: Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg in the “The Venue” episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, Nov. 7 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX /

Noice / Toit

Jake Perralta (Andy Samberg) might be a genius detective but, at his core, he’s just a giant goofball.  Adopting some modern slang, he constantly riffs on the words “nice” and “tight”, making them more playful and exciting. The rest of the gang has gotten into Perralta’s spirit as well, using the words on occasion to express their excitement on various occasions. He’s even sold his by-the-book fiancee Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) on the expressions, joyously referring to their upcoming wedding as, “toit nups.”


Cool cool cool…

Jake also has a way of casually expressing displeasure or frustration. When presented with a situation he’s not happy about, yet needs to accept, he busts out a stuttering string of “cool”. The simple word repeated in a low staccato is Jake’s chill mantra whenever something doesn’t quite go Jake’s way.


Nora Ephron vs. Nancy Meyers

Heaven forbid you mix up the lady screenwriter queens Nora Ephron and Nancy Meyers in front of Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). Rosa might have a steely demeanor and is quick to threats of violence, but her love of Nancy Meyers’ gauzy romantic fantasies gives away all you need to know about her sweet and hopeful heart. Just make sure you know your Something’s Gotta Give from your Sleepless in Seattle, or you might just get shivved.


Is it Nee-co-lagg? Nik-oh-laj? No matter how Jake pronounces Charles Boyle’s (Joe LoTruglio) son’s name, it’s always always always wrong. Give it a whirl yourself. No. That’s not it. Try again. And again. And again…

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Melissa Fumero in the ÒGame Night – The FavorÓ special one hour episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, Dec. 12 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: FOX
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Melissa Fumero in the ÒGame Night – The FavorÓ special one hour episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, Dec. 12 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: FOX /

An “Amy”

Even though she’s teased by Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) for her bland style and penchant for organization, Amy Santiago is fully confident in who she is. Her combination of fearlessness, perfectionism, and competitiveness make her a force to be reckoned with. But once Amy was given a dope promotion to the rank of Sergeant, she learned that her particular set of skills can be difficult to deal with for those around her. When faced with an overachieving “Amy” on her team, Santiago tries to shake him off, until Captain Holt helps her realize that working with an Amy isn’t a burden; it’s a privilege. (Insert happy tears here.)


Terry Loves Yogurt

Terry (Terry Crews) is a massive people pleaser who keeps his physical form both noice and toit by taking amazing care of his body. He loves working out and he’s very strict about what he puts into his body. Except for yogurt. Terry. Loves. Yogurt. He’s so passionate about the creamy treat that it’s become something akin to his Achille’s heel. In fact, in Season 5 episode ‘HalloVeen’, Jake, Amy, and Captain Holt all ply Terry with some delicious yogurt just so they can plant tiny GPS trackers in his body. Don’t worry, he’s fine. He can probably thank all that hearty calcium from his yogurt obsession.

Title of Your Sex Tape

Since Jake is nothing if not a giant kid, he uses schoolboy tactics to get women to notice him. Specifically the attention of one Amy Santiago. In a slightly more cutting version of The Office’s classic “that’s what she said”, Jake consistently ribs Amy’s dull dialogue by adding the exuberant punchline, “title of your sex tape!” Of course, after the two kids coupled up, Jake had less of a reason to direct the quote at Amy, so he expanded his scope and gleefully started to offer up titles for all sorts of sex tapes.

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Halloween Heist

Nearly as beloved as the show itself, watching the annual Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Heist has become a tradition for fans of the show. Each year, the precinct ups the stakes in a battle of cunning and wits that frequently gets out of hand. The premise is simple: A plaque is placed in a locked location, and whichever detective / human has the plaque at the stroke of midnight wins. It’s like a modern day Cinderella story.  Watching the gang work to outwit and outplay one another brings out the funny in all of them, and each year brings new twists that genuinely delight.

Oh, and if you remember nothing else from this vocabulary lesson, remember that shouting “Nine-Nine!” at your TV screen every time the gang does something awesome is basically mandatory. It’s also fun as hell.


‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 5 finale airs Sunday, May 19th on Fox. Season 6 will air on NBC in 2019.