2019 Oscars: Early predictions for next year’s nominees

Photo courtesy Marvel Studios, Black Panther via LG PR
Photo courtesy Marvel Studios, Black Panther via LG PR /
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This year’s Oscars may have only been a short time ago, but it’s never too early to make some interesting and wild predictions for next year’s ceremony! Who are the most likely Oscar nominees for next year, as of this point?

Considering we’re only on our way towards the halfway point of 2018, making a post on next year’s Oscars may seem like a silly thing to do. We’re only halfway through the year and most Oscar hopefuls don’t make themselves known and accessible to the public until the end of summer/beginning of fall. So predicting next year’s potential lineup seems like an absolute waste of time and space.

It very much is, but let’s do it anyway!

Though the lineup is far from being even remotely predictable at the moment, some movies are beginning to take shape as potential awards darlings, based on early festival reviews and subject matter. It may be near-impossible to predict next year’s winners, but I believe that a prediction post on the nominees may be more in the realm of possible reality. From timely films on racism to some surprise blockbuster additions, I cover it all in my personal (and more than likely flawed) predictions for next year’s Oscars. Let’s have some fun with this!