Big Brother 20 news: Least-trending houseguest is Rachel Swindler

Big Brother 20 news: Least-trending houseguest is Rachel Swindler. (Rachel Swindler Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 news: Least-trending houseguest is Rachel Swindler. (Rachel Swindler Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 now has its second least-trending houseguest of the summer. Rachel Swindler just found out the bad news and let the rest of the houseguests know what had happened.

Big Brother 20 news from the live feeds just revealed that Rachel Swindler is the least-trending houseguest. As a result, she just received a punishment from the BB App Store. It was previously revealed by Inside the BB House, that the BB App Store has been opened up again on Friday (July 6).

These latest Big Brother 20 spoilers also come from the CBS live feeds, with Rachel Swindler noting this fact during the family dinner for the house. The feeds had been turned off for a bit, as each houseguest tried to unlock the BB App Store.

Rachel Swindler’s punishment

It’s possible that Rachel told the rest of her Level Six alliance and additional houseguests about her punishment. What she has not done, though, is to speak about it on the live feeds after they were turned back on. This means it could take a while longer before subscribers learn exactly what she has to go through for the next week.

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Rachel Swindler is the newest least-trending BB20 houseguest. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Last time, it was Faysal Shafaat who was deemed the least-trending houseguest. He ended up receiving routine deliveries of vegetarian ham. Each time the Hamazon delivery was made, he had to eat everything on the plate. Could Rachel have an equally difficult punishment to go through? Faysal spent a lot of time in the bathroom due to his punishment.

More Big Brother 20 news

Earlier on Friday, new Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman revealed who she was going to nominate for eviction. It’s possible, that while the live feeds were down, that Kaitlyn also hosted the Nomination Ceremony. When the cameras were turned back on, she could be seen speaking with Scottie Salton about being a nominee. It’s also possible that she was simply warning him that he was about to become a pawn.

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Stay tuned folks, because now that Rachel Swindler is slated to receive her least-trending punishment, more Big Brother 20 spoilers could get revealed on the live feeds Friday night.