Javi Marroquin called a stalker after showing up to Briana’s surgery

Javi Marroquin showed up for Briana DeJesus’ surgery on Teen Mom 2. She didn’t want him there and now he’s being called a stalker.

Javi Marroquin made a promise to Briana DeJesus before they broke up. When he proposed to her, he revealed he wanted to be there for her and help her through various things, including her surgery. She needed someone to be there for her and care for her, as she was undergoing a massive plastic surgery procedure. But after they broke up, DeJesus had to find someone else to care for her, as the last thing she wanted was for him to be there for her.

But as shown on Teen Mom 2, Javi Marroquin decided to keep his promise even though they were broken up. As the episode was coming to an end, Javi showed up at the Miami office and the producer who was with Briana was shocked. She hadn’t expected Marroquin to show up and be there for Briana. But when she learned that Javi had shown up, DeJesus told him that she was pissed off.

Fans will have to wait to see the outcome of the episode next week, but it sounds like some people think that Javi Marroquin should have stayed back in Delaware. Even though he just wanted to help Briana get better after the surgery, some people called him a stalker.

To backtrack, he gave Briana a ring that was supposed to be an engagement ring. But when she said they were going too fast, he decided to end things with her. He then showed up at her surgery as she was dealing with the breakup, resulting in the stressful Teen Mom 2 confrontation.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin’s decision to show up to her surgery?

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