Chelsea DeBoer emotional about Ali losing her aid on Teen Mom

Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

Chelsea DeBoer gets emotional watching her friend and co-star’s struggle as Leah Messer learned that Ali’s school aid would be removed.

Chelsea DeBoer may not be as close to Leah Messer as Kailyn Lowry is, as the two traveled to Hawaii together on this season of Teen Mom 2. However, Chelsea knows what her co-stars go through as they catch up on the reunion specials and they do stay in touch with one another throughout the year. While Chelsea lives in South Dakota, Leah lives in West Virginia. Kailyn Lowry is located in Delaware, and Jenelle Evans lives in North Carolina.

But it sounds like Chelsea DeBoer understood the frustrations that Leah Messer was going through when she learned that her daughter Ali would be losing her aid on Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2. As Leah explained, Ali couldn’t carry her backpack and she couldn’t wipe sometimes when she was going to the bathroom. She needs help but the school didn’t seem to care that she lost her aid.

On Twitter, Chelsea DeBoer revealed that she was about to cry when Leah shared the news that Ali would no longer have an aid with her. Messer was frustrated and Corey was speechless, wondering what they would do with their situation.

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As for Chelsea DeBoer, she was emotional thinking about the fact that they would be without an aid for Ali. Leah hasn’t updated fans on what the situation is like now, but it’s possible that they have worked out a separate aid for her. Chelsea herself can’t do much about it, as she is just weeks away from going into labor. She revealed recently that she was already starting to experience some pre-labor pains at just 33 weeks pregnant, so one can imagine she’s being asked to stay close to home.

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