Reverie Season 1 finale recap: Will Oliver succeed in destroying reverie?

REVERIE -- "Point of Origin" -- Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
REVERIE -- "Point of Origin" -- Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

While Mara gets answers from Ray about that fateful day, Oliver puts his plan in motion to destroy the technology he thinks will kill millions. The Reverie Season 1 finale did not disappoint.

The Reverie Season 1 finale aired tonight, bringing the initial story to an end. It’s clear that there is more to tell, and hopefully, the series will get that chance with a second season. The finale did not disappoint, wrapping up some loose ends, answering questions, but setting up a storyline for the future.

It’s time to delve into everything that happened. Did Mara get the answers she needed? Was Oliver stopped? Is there something about Mara and Onira-Tech that we need to be worried about?

Mara and her answers

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Let’s start with the very beginning. We opened with Mara in the world created by Paul at the end of the last episode. She finally had a chance to face Ray and learn why he decided to kill his wife and daughter. It was a sad story of job loss, loss of control, fear of losing family, etc. Nothing that we couldn’t guess from everything we’d seen so far.

That’s not the big thing about the episode. Instead, it’s all about Oliver, who has now managed to kidnap Alexis and trap her in a reverie that hasn’t been used in a long time. He’d taken some tips from the DoD to change reveries top stop Alexis being able to get out.

Of course, Mara goes in to save her colleague. We also learn more about what Oliver sees in his head. This reverie (where Alexis is, it’s Einstein’s secret room but the rest of it is more personal to just him) is a school that is burning. Avatars are running from the flames and being destroyed when coming into contact with Mara. Yes, the building is very important for later.

Reverie Season 1 finale
REVERIE — “Point of Origin” — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

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Oliver works on destroying reverie

With Alexis’ key, Oliver has more than just the source code. He can control everything in the business and that includes all access codes. Fortunately, Alexis was smart and created a way to get in through her own key. That means Mara and Charlie can go in to stop Oliver.

That’s when Mara learns there’s more to Oliver and his love of fires. Alexis’ house wasn’t the first place he set fire to. He also set fire to his school, which is why this reverie was so important.

After an intense moment, Mara and Charlie are able to get into the server room and slow Oliver down enough to give the fire brigade time to get into the building. When Oliver lights the fire, it doesn’t take long to put it out. Oh, and we can’t forget that Paul got most people out of reverie.

Before anything can happen, Oliver chooses to go into reverie and the last we hear is that he remains unconscious. As for the program, it’s still up and running. The 1000 or so people left in when the fire started are being monitored but there’s no reason to worry right now.

REVERIE — “Point of Origin” — Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC — Acquired via NBC Media Village
REVERIE — “Point of Origin” — Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Alexis has also fixed the loopholes and issues. And Dylan gets and upgrade. We finally learn the full story of why Alexis still keeps the memory of her kid twin brother alive. His death was partially her fault. The upgrade is making him an adult after all these years.

It all looks like one big happy ending, right? Well, this storyline certainly came to an end in the Reverie Season 1 finale, but like the show would end it there. When reverie is put back online, Paul shows Mara something eerily interesting. She’s still in reverie.

How when she’s right in front of him? We cut to the school reverie. Mara is still walking around with chalk in her hand, marking all the doors she’s looked in. However, it’s clear she’s been there for some time. Just which part of Mara’s view is real and what’s the derealizations that are clearly still happening? We need to hope for a second season to find out.

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What did you think of the Reverie Season 1 finale? What’s to come for a (hopeful) second season? Were all the questions you needed answering answered? Share your thoughts in the comments below.