Chelsea DeBoer reveals adorable story about Aubree and Cole

Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

Chelsea DeBoer reveals an adorable story about Cole who took Aubree to get her school photos done. She was so worried but he calmed her right down.

Chelsea DeBoer is currently very pregnant and given her history with giving birth, she could be giving birth any day now. Aubree was born at 35 weeks while Watson was born at 37 weeks. Right now, Chelsea is hovering at 36 weeks pregnant, so fans are watching her social media accounts closely. But life has to go on despite her giving birth within the next few weeks. And as it turns out, Aubree had to get her school photos done.

Perhaps Chelsea DeBoer was too worried about leaving the house and going to Aubree’s school to get the photos done in fear of her going into labor, so Cole took her. Her fears are justified, as this Teen Mom 2 star tends to give birth just hours after her water breaking or her getting the first contraction. So when Cole took Aubree to her school, Chelsea immediately started to worry that perhaps her hair got messed up on the way or maybe something went wrong to ruin her look.

On Twitter, Chelsea DeBoer revealed she was slightly panicking over not being able to make sure Aubree looked cute for her school photos. But about an hour later, DeBoer revealed that Cole had sent her a photo from the photo shoot and Aubree’s photo looked just as adorable as she had expected.

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It’s not uncommon for mothers to panic and nest a bit during the last few weeks of pregnancy, but it could just be her not being in control of everything. She has already revealed that she’s over being pregnant.

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