The Flash interview: Carlos Valdes promises Season 5 will challenge Cisco’s powers

Photo Credit: The Flash/The CW, Katie Yu Image Acquired from CWTVPR
Photo Credit: The Flash/The CW, Katie Yu Image Acquired from CWTVPR /

As Season 5 of The Flash begins, expect to see Carlos Valdes’ beloved tech genius turned hero in a unique position in which his powers will be challenged like never before!

When we return to Central City this October for The Flash‘s fifth season, Team Flash will be forced to face yet another wave of exciting new challenges. While the primary focus will, of course, be on the arrival of Barry and Iris’ time-traveling daughter and dealing with the fallout that follows, fans of Carlos Valdes’ beloved character Cisco Ramon should begin preparing themselves for rough start to the new year!

Still fresh on the heels of his heartbreaking breakup with Gypsy, Cisco begins the season in a lot of pain and struggling with accepting the hand fate has dealt him.

"“Cisco is in pain. He’s fresh from a breakup and at the beginning of Season 5 he hasn’t had the time to process the breakup yet, so he’s being a little irresponsible,” Carlos Valdes revealed as we caught up with him during San Diego Comic-Con. “Fans can expect a bit of a learning curve in regard to him being able to move on from the breakup. However, I think both Caitlin and Ralph see this as an opportunity to try to help their friend, so there are definitely some hijinks in store.”"

However, Cisco’s post-breakup angst isn’t the only obstacle he’ll have to overcome at the top of the season. As Valdes teased, Season 5 will find Cisco’s powers challenged like never before!

"More from Comic ConThe Winchesters stars Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger tease John and Mary’s relationship: ‘Good TV means good conflict’Every confirmed NYCC TV and movie panel (so far) – New York Comic Con 2022According to Bill Nye, which TV shows get the science right?How to watch the Motherland: Fort Salem Comic-Con 2021 panelThe Right Stuff: What we learned from Comic-Con@Home“I will say that Cisco’s powers will be challenged in a way that they’ve never been challenged before,” Valdes previewed. “It’s a very unique way. I think he’s definitely at a place where he’s comfortable with his powers and confident using his powers for good out in the field.”“I also think that he feels a certain allegiance to the cortex because working with computers, weaponry, the suits and naming the villains is the stuff he’s really good at,” he continued. “Even though he’s self aware and confident with his abilities out in the field, there is still a part of him that feels that his comfort zone is more inside S.T.A.R. Labs.“"

For more on what’s ahead for Cisco and the gang this season on The Flash including Cisco’s reaction to Barry and Nora’s emotional dynamic, check out our complete interview with Carlos Valdes below!

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Don’t miss the Season 5 premiere of The Flash Tuesday, October 9 at 8/7c only on The CW. 

Are you looking forward to seeing what crazy hijinks Caitlin and Ralph get into as they work to cheer Cisco up? Any theories as to how Cisco’s powers will be challenged in Season 5? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!