Ricky He talks Freaky Friday, a dream musical, and acting tips

Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky -- Acquired via M Public Relations
Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky -- Acquired via M Public Relations /

Ricky He played Adam in the musical version of Freaky Friday just released. What other musical would he love to do?

If you haven’t seen Disney’s musical version of Freaky Friday yet, then you need to stop what you’re doing and watch it. This is a fun adaptation for the whole family, whether you’re being introduced to it or have seen the original. Ricky He plays Adam in the musical version and he is certainly a rising star to watch.

His first ever role was labeled “Chinese Teen Boy” in Second Chance. He discusses that role and how far he’s come in this exclusive with Hidden Remote. Get ready to learn more about Freaky Friday, his dream musical adaptation, and much more!

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Hidden Remote: For those who haven’t seen a version of Freaky Friday in the past (or in case there’s a change from the original), can you tell us a little about Adam?

Ricky He: Adam is the romantic lead opposite to the daughter character of Ellie Blake! He’s kind of like a melting pot of all the past love interests. What is interesting about Adam is that he is the most modern version of the character. I think we’ve really come to appreciate the love for not only the bad boys, but the good men—and Adam is exactly that. He is a young man growing into adulthood and staying true to his virtues.

HR: Did you watch the original before getting the part? If not, have you seen it since?

He: Of course! The 2003 version was a big part of my childhood. Back in the day, I had the DVD and everything!

HR: What about the role drew you in and made you want to audition?

He: Like I said, it was such a big part of my childhood, so when I got the call for an audition, I jumped right on it. Freaky Friday has always been a story of family, love, and compassion—and these are all so important to me.

Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky — Acquired via M Public Relations
Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky — Acquired via M Public Relations /

HR: What’s it been like turning it into more of a musical than just a movie with some fun music

He: It has been incredible! Our director Steve Carr is a veteran of the music industry and has worked with so many talented artists that every single musical number we did felt like a music video. It was an unreal blessing.

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HR: Are there any other musical remakes that you’d love to be a part of in the future?He: If they ever make a Rush Hour musical, that would be badass. Whoever decides to make that —hit my phone!

HR: What’s it been like these last two years since your first TV role in Second Chance?

He: Crazy. My first TV credit in Second Chance was “Chinese Teen Boy”. I’ve been working hard and I’m just so grateful to see it pay off. I’m not even close to finished and I’m excited to see what happens in the next two years.

HR: Do you have any advice for others just getting started?

He: Train. Train as often as you can. Go to any acting class you can find. The good, the bad, AND the ugly. There’s no better way to practice your craft than to be constantly playing.

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If you want to see more of Ricky He on your screens, check out NBC’s Trial & Error, which is back for a second season. He plays Carol Anne Keane’s assistant Tyler Egret.