Chelsea DeBoer reveals cute update after fans think she had the baby

Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

Chelsea DeBoer went silent for a few days, sparking rumors about her giving birth. But as it turns out, Chelsea reveals no one will know when she gives birth.

Chelsea DeBoer is close to giving birth, as she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy. She’s currently 36 weeks pregnant and given her past pregnancies, this would be around the time where she has given birth. Since DeBoer went silent on social media for a few days, fans thought that she was in the hospital.

But when Chelsea was confronted with questions about giving birth, the Teen Mom 2 star shared the cutest update about her pregnancy. She revealed she hadn’t given birth, she was huge, and she was bouncing on a ball at that very moment.

But DeBoer also had another comment to her fans. They won’t know when she goes into labor, as she won’t be speaking out about it. Only her closest family will be notified when she gives birth.

Chelsea DeBoer revealed that she has absolutely no plans of sharing anything on social media with fans, as she wants to enjoy that time with her family and kids. Since Chelsea’s births are usually very quick and trouble-free she could be home within hours of giving birth.

As she pointed out, social media would be the last thing on her mind when she gave birth to her daughter.

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Fans are closely watched Chelsea DeBoer’s social media accounts. She recently went silent online for almost a week and fans thought she had given birth. Since she’s 36 weeks now and she pushed out Aubree at 35 weeks and Watson at 37 weeks. Either way, the contractions could happen anytime between now and 41 weeks.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer disappearing from social media when she’s about to give birth?