Sideshow Bob Recap: Black Widower

A scene from Black Widower. Courtesy of 20th Century Fox/The Simpsons
A scene from Black Widower. Courtesy of 20th Century Fox/The Simpsons /

Sideshow Bob is back for the second time and this time he’s getting married to Bart’s Aunt Selma!

The second Sideshow Bob episode is Black Widower  (Season 3, Episode 21). The episode starts off with Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Homer watching Dinosaurs. They make the realization that it’s like their own life.

Anyway, they are all dressed up because Selma’s boyfriend is coming over for supper. They don’t know who it is and it ends up being none other than Sideshow Bob. He assures the family that he is reformed. Bob explains that it was being penpals with Selma that changed him to be a better man and not hold grudges.

Well, Sideshow Bob ends up proposing to Selma. He also ends up coming on to Krusty’s telethon and tells Krusty that there are no hard feelings. After that, the family and Bob are planning the wedding. He finds out that Selma permanently lost her sense of taste and smell because of a bottle rocket. Bob also finds out that Selma bought stock and his rich!

Anyway, the couple after a romantic evening almost break up because Sideshow Bob makes fun of Selma’s favorite show Macgyver. Homer gives him advice and they do end up getting married. Bart still doesn’t believe that Sideshow Bob is a changed man.

After the wedding, the couple goes on their honeymoon and that’s when Sideshow Bob shows his true colors. He tries to blow her up in the hotel room (the room does end up being blown up by Chief Wiggum) but it’s Bart’s mistrust that saves her life. Bob wanted to kill her for her money. He’s then taken in custody and vows to return!

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