Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious recap


After Marge starts losing her hair due to being overstressed at home, she hires help in the form of Sharry Bobbins, a parody of Mary Poppins.

Life at home takes a toll on Marge to the point where she starts losing her hair. When Dr. Hibbert tells her that she is just under too much stress, Marge decides to hire a nanny to help out. After going through various applicants, they meet a Mary Poppins parody in the form of Sharry Bobbins, who flies into Springfield on an umbrella and lands on the Simpsons’ front porch. Sharry is immediately hired and promptly sets out to help the family in a unique way.

To speed up cleaning Bart’s room, Sharry sings a song about how cutting corners can be beneficial. While walking Bart, Lisa, and Maggie through the park, Sharry is recognized by Groundskeeper Willie, who reveals that he and Sharry used to be engaged. She also tries to cheer Mr. Burns up with a kite. When he is electrocuted by a lighting strike, Burns says it restarted his heart and he is grateful for her. In response, Homer and Marge can’t help but marvel at what Sharry has done.

After seeing the family getting together smoothly over a dinner of British foods, Sharry acknowledges that her work is done. But immediately after she leaves, things are back to normal in the Simpsons house. In no time at all, the house is a wreck and Maggie has set the curtains on fire. Not even her umbrella is safe, as Grandpa takes it and flies away with it. In response, she immediately moves back into the house.

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But this time the Simpsons are all much more resistant to Sharry’s help, no matter how hard she tries. Although she becomes sad that she can’t permanently change them, the Simpsons reply with a song of their own explaining that they’re all happy as they are. Sharry flies away a happy woman before being immediately sucked into an airplane turbine.