Married to the Blob guest starring Stan Lee recap


Comic Book Guy finally meets someone and gets advice from multiple people, including none other than Stan Lee.

Homer ends up taking Bart and Milhouse to get a new Radioactive Man comic book at midnight. Later that night, Comic Book Guy bumps into Milo, a rival comic book store owner. Milo reveals that he just got married to his girlfriend and Comic Book Guy is left feeling forlorn. In a satire of a song, he laments his single status before getting a talk from Stan Lee himself.

Stan tells Comic Book Guy that has a chance and to not let it slip away when a female customer named Kumiko comes into the store. Kumiko is in town to write an autobiographical comic book. She’s seem Comic Book Guy before and he’s pleasantly surprised when she says that he has great soul. Seeking advice, he goes to see Homer because he is the only fat man Comic Book Guys knows who ever got an attractive woman. Homer and Marge help him out and accompany the two on a date. Kumiko thinks Homer looks like the Box of Mr. Sparkle (a reference to a previous episode).

In spite of Marge’s advice, Kumiko encourages Comic Book Guy to say what he really thinks. He does, and she really enjoys seeing the real him. The two bond and go on a variety of comic book themed dates, which all go well enough that she moves into the store with him. While taking a housewarming gift to the two, Homer bumps into Kumiko’s father. Her father is unhappy to discover the situation and he insists on taking an upset Kumiko back to Japan.

Not surprisingly, Comic Book Guy is heartbroken. In response, Marge blames Homer for it and demands he fixes it. He takes Kumiko’s father out to a Japanese restaurant and buys him a drink, but not just any drink. Because it’s Homer, he buys them both some of the infamous snake wine, which is alcohol kept along with a persevered coiled snake in a bottle. Not surprisingly, the drink hits the two men pretty hard and they experience some hardcore hallucination where Springfield locals are mashed up with Japanese style fantasies.

During one hallucination, Kumiko’s father has a vision where his daughter is snatched up by a masked monster, only for the monster to be revealed as himself. This makes him adjust his attitude and despite Comic Book Guy’s offer to change his lifestyle, he says Comic Book Guy was just fine as he was. With this blessing, the couple marries at the comic book store in a ceremony presided over by Stan Lee.