Is Briana DeJesus no longer working after quitting Teen Mom 2?


Briana DeJesus reveals she hasn’t been to work for a long time. Could she have quit her job after filming and getting paid for Teen Mom 2?

Briana DeJesus seems to be the only Teen Mom 2 star who has a job. Many of the other girls are working to start businesses, has written best-selling books, or are choosing to be stay-at-home mothers because they can afford it with their MTV paychecks. However, when Briana was filming Teen Mom 2, she revealed that she was working at a timeshare company, where she was making money.

DeJesus also eased her children into daycare while filming for MTV, so she could continue to work. And even though she has filmed Teen Mom 2 for two seasons and could be filming the third season, it’s possible that she’s saving all of her MTV money for her kids. Even though she worked while filming the show, it sounds like she just took some time off. It’s possible she took a few weeks off for a vacation.

On Twitter, Briana DeJesus revealed that it was so weird to go back to work after being off for a long time. While vacation could have been the reason, Briana was also in the hospital for a week with her daughter because her daughter had gotten a scary infection.

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Briana DeJesus has revealed that she has no interest in returning to the show because of her constant fighting with Kailyn Lowry. Even though they don’t film together, the reunion was enough for Briana to leave the show. She has yet to confirm whether she’s staying or going.

What do you think of Briana DeJesus’ tweet, where she talked about being away from work? Do you think she’s keeping her job for financial stability and security?