Big Brother 20 recap: Does the veto save Haleigh or Scottie from the chopping block?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, the houseguests participate in an emotional veto competition. Sam continues to drive the rest of the house crazy. Haleigh tries to figure out who is Tyler’s target.

Following the Nomination Ceremony, Tyler acts as if Haleigh and Scottie are mental patients. He wants to keep both of them calm because he doesn’t want whoever stays to come after him. Tyler wants Haleigh to go, but the house is leaning towards Scottie.

Haleigh wants Tyler to confirm his target. Why she thinks he would give her this information is baffling. Tyler says he doesn’t know who the target is because nobody’s told him who they want to go.

Haleigh questions why Tyler would put Scottie up since they seem so tight. Tyler then contradicts his previous statement (about not knowing what everybody wants) by stating Scottie’s on the block because it’s what the rest of the house wants. They feel unsafe because they voted Scottie out. Scottie could come after anybody. Haleigh walks away without a definitive answer.

JC is stoked Scottie is on the block, he also believes he’s pulling Tyler’s strings. JC points out Scottie has never shown any loyalty to them, and he’s a good player. There’s one glaring flaw in this logic — Scottie got voted out. How good a player can he be? Yeah, he won the Battle Back, but Scottie doesn’t win anything else.

JC accuses Tyler of acting “weird.” Tyler jokes he’s on a power trip, but Tyler is keeping his eye on JC. He sees through JC and his tricks.

We get a break from strategizing to watch Sam straighten Tyler’s hair. The end result is… odd. Nobody is a fan of the look, particularly JC. Hey, when you don’t have much to entertain yourself, you’ll take what you can get.

In other Tyler news, he and Angela are still cozy. There isn’t much privacy in the BB house, and keeping their showmance under wraps is proving to be challenging. The twosome can’t catch a break. Whenever they’re along in the HoH bedroom, someone inevitably comes knocking.

Tyler and Angela devise a game. Every time another houseguests intrudes on their alone time, it’s one point. If someone asks if the two are in a showmance, that’s two. It’s the worst kept secret in the house, but both of them deny, deny, deny.

The time comes to pick players for the veto com. Level Six definitely has the advantage. Nobody is playing for Scottie or Haleigh except Scottie and Haleigh. Along with the nominees and Tyler, Kaycee, JC and Sam (Scottie’s only possible hope because she hates Haleigh).

The episode dedicates some time to explore Sam’s craziness. It’s no secret she’s miserable, and her perpetual moodiness is wearing on the other houseguests. She cooks, she cleans and she complains. Inexplicably, Sam is also trying to quit smoking which is just making her more irritable.

Haleigh’s really stepping up her social game. She still likes Fessy, but he’s out of the house, so she’s severed all ties (game wise). Haleigh’s also making a smart play by pushing some of the moves she’s made people don’t like onto Faysal.

Haleigh is getting chummy with Kaycee who assures Haleigh she’s not the target. Kaycee wants to cover her bases by building rapport with Haleigh just in case Haleigh becomes HoH. Kaycee advises Haleigh to just lay low and keep her mouth shut.

The only way Haleigh can guarantee her safety is to win the Veto Competition, “Control Your Emojis.” Each player must transfer their emojis — yellow balls — from one side of a seesaw to the other and deposit it into their “message box.” If a player falls off, or if any of their balls hit the ground, they must reset and start over. The first person to transfer all of their emojis successfully wins the Golden Power of Veto.

This best part of the comp by far is Brett, who serves as the host, dressed in a giant emoji suit.

Scottie really screws the pooch in this comp, failing to pose any kind of serious threat. Sam isn’t really in it to win it, so that leaves Tyler, Kaycee, JC and Haleigh vying for the veto. Haleigh suffers too many setbacks, and Tyler gets a reset late in the game. Kaycee emerges victorious. It’s her second consecutive veto win.

Haleigh and Scottie are both bummed by the outcome, but both believe they have a decent shot at staying in the house.

Haleigh assures Tyler she’s not coming after him, and it’s not beneficial to his game for him to get her out. She tries very hard to get Tyler to guarantee her some level of safety, but since Haleigh came after him, Tyler doesn’t feel he owes Haleigh anything. All he will say, is the worst thing Haleigh can do is tell Scottie she feels safe.

Tyler should have shared that advice with Scottie who reveals to Haleigh he’s been told he’s the pawn by Tyler.

Haleigh  retreats to the bedroom for a good cry where she’s comforted by Kaycee. Haleigh confides in Kaycee about her conversation with Scottie. Kaycee cares about Haleigh, and she doesn’t like to see her upset. Kaycee does her best to comfort Haleigh by telling her Scottie doesn’t really know everything that’s going on. Kaycee continues to insist Haleigh is “good.”

At the Veto Meeting, Kaycee chooses not to use the veto on Haleigh or Scottie.

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