Kailyn Lowry’s followers are demanding answers about Javi and Chris

Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

Kailyn Lowry’s followers are demanding answers from her about Javi and Chris. They don’t think she’s being honest about their relationships.

Kailyn Lowry seems to have a great relationship with Jo Rivera, as the two of them are getting along. However, it seems that fans are questioning whether she’s truly cordial with Javi Marroquin and Chris Lopez. Throughout the years, Kailyn has revealed that she’s cordial with Javi because they are co-parenting Lincoln, but she has already fought with him several times on Teen Mom 2.

In addition, she doesn’t say much about Chris Lopez, especially since he doesn’t want to be on Teen Mom 2. And yet, there are rumors that he supposedly beats her. These are rumors that were fueled by Briana DeJesus, who claims Chris hit Kailyn in front of the kids.

"I am a fan but… I don’t think kail is keeping it [100%]. She always puts Javi on blast yet he is a great father and yet she says almost nothing about Chris who put hands on her and is a shitty father … I don’t get it ?"

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These days, Kailyn Lowry is thinking about moving away from Dover, Delaware. She only moved there because Javi was stationed there when she was married. Even though she finished her school there and her kids are settled, she’s thinking about moving elsewhere. However, it’s possible that she won’t because she doesn’t want to take her kids away from their fathers. If she does, she could face legal action from Jo, Javi, and Chris. She may not want to deal with that.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s followers questioning how she’s treating the fathers of her kids? Do you think Kailyn has an anger towards Javi that she doesn’t have towards Chris?