The Simpsons: When You Dish Upon a Star recap

Photo Credit: The Simpsons/Fox
Photo Credit: The Simpsons/Fox /

In this classic episode of The Simpsons, Homer finds out Hollywood stars Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are in Springfield and volunteers to be their personal assistant.

In The Simpsons, “When You Dish Upon a Star,” Homer ends up going to Lake Springfield with Marge and the kids. While taking a shortcut there, they pass a secluded, but expensive house and wonder who lives there. The family arrives at the lake and Homer drives right up on the beach, where he parks directly over where Ned Flanders is buried in sand up to his neck.

While there, the Simpsons rent a boat and go parasailing. When Homer has Marge propel him higher and higher, it ends with the rope holding Homer snapping and he goes flying through the air. Homer flies until he crashes through the roof of the secluded lake house and he lands in bed on top of Alec Baldwin and next to his then wife Kim Basinger (both appearing as themselves).

Apparently the celebrity couple came to town for some privacy and when they reveal they can’t even go grocery shopping, Homer offers to be the couple’s personal assistant. They agree, but make Homer promise to keep their presence in town a secret.

Despite Apu being suspicious of the items Homer asks for and Marge getting confused by things her husband has in his possession, Homer manages to keep their secret. He also happens to be there when Ron Howard (also in a cameo) makes a surprise visit. Homer also comes up with a screenplay about a killer robot that he leaves for Alec and wants Ron to direct. Not surprisingly, they both turn him down.

But it gets harder for Homer to keep their secret and he eventually tells Moe and the other customers at the bar. When the locals eventually flock out to their house, Kim and Alec feel betrayed and kick Homer out.

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In response, Homer creates a mobile museum out of Kim and Alec’s memorabilia he still has and calls it the “Museum of Hollywood Jerks.” Meanwhile, the celebrity couple feels bad about the way they treated Homer and decide he deserves another chance. While venturing out to make amends, they discover Homer’s revenge museum in front of their house. Seeing them, Homer drives away and the couple chases Homer in their Hummer with Ron Howard along for the ride. The chase ends with Ron Howard getting injured and Homer being forbidden from being near any celebrity, living or dead.

Later, Ron Howard successfully pitches Homer’s movie idea to a studio executive.