Jenelle Evans is staying put in North Carolina despite evacuation orders

Jenelle Evans is staying put in North Carolina and getting ready to brace Hurricane Florence that’s headed her way. Is she crazy?

Jenelle Evans is right in the hurricane’s path. Over the next couple of days, Hurricane Florence is hitting the United States and parts of North Carolina has been under evacuation orders. It’s uncertain whether Jenelle’s area has been evacuated, but she’s staying put. While her area isn’t in a flood-risk area, the damaging winds could still cause problems for her.

Even if Jenelle Evans stays in the clear with Hurricane Florence, two additional hurricanes could hit her. Isaac and Helene are headed right for the United States just days after Florence.

Jenelle has tweeted with her Teen Mom 2 fans, who are calling her crazy for staying put in North Carolina. However, Evans believes that they can stay safe. They are surrounded by trees, so one can hope that she’s ready to bunker down and stick through the storm.

Evans has revealed that she’s getting ready to sit out the storm, including how she’s buying extension cords. It’s uncertain what her mother is doing, as she doesn’t live that far away. It’s possible that Jace is staying with Barbara during the storm.

One can hope that Jenelle Evans isn’t pregnant these days, as she’s helping David secure their house. While filming Teen Mom 2, she learned that their house didn’t have the proper foundation and was sinking into the ground. Hopefully, the house won’t move when the rain starts pouring down.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans staying put in North Carolina as the hurricane nears? Are you surprised she’s staying at home or do you think she should evacuate for the sake of her kids?