Why Mr. Burns is one of the best supporting characters on the show.


Here’s a look at why Mr. Burns is one of the best supporting characters on The Simpsons

While The Simpsons is of course the story of the entire Simpson family and the mischief they get into, the show would not be what it is without its superb cast of supporting characters. While there are many terrific ones, there is no one quite like Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns; Homer’s boss, the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and the richest man in Springfield.

Every character in The Simpsons is a satire of something. In Mr. Burns’ case, he is a satire of the greedy boss, the rich businessman, and a modern version of the Dickensian miser. He loves to “Release the Hounds,” and unleash attack dogs on any unwanted visitor who dares set foot on his property. But his most iconic quote is simply the word “Excellent,” which he usually mutters while tapping the tips of his fingers together like a super villain.

One of the charms of Mr. Burns is that he is never without Smithers, his loyal subordinate who idolizes him. Their dynamic plays a huge part in what makes Mr. Burns unique, as he has an entire assistant whose background enhances Mr. Burns’ storyline and makes him more than just the scheming old boss. Indeed, why Smithers is so loyal and dedicated is something that seems so mysterious that viewers just can’t help but be interested.

Without question Mr. Burns is theoretically the most unlikable character in the entire show.  Rolling Stone even ranked him on the 40 Greatest TV Villains of all time. So why is he one of the best? Because he has such fun being bad and everyone else in Springfield loves to have fun with him. How could they not? Despite all the issues Homer causes at work and all the events involving the entire Simpson family that have impacted him, Mr. Burns STILL can’t remember Homer’s name. That’s priceless.

He may always be forgetting Homer, but Mr. Burns is truly unforgettable.

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