The Simpsons with guest star Betty White recap: Homerazzi

Homerazzi from Simpsons World via FX Networks
Homerazzi from Simpsons World via FX Networks /

After Homer becomes a member of the paparazzi, he winds up taking pictures of all the celebrities in Springfield.

On his birthday, Homer can’t blow out his birthday candles because he is so out of shape. Despite this, he keeps trying until he is exhausted and accidentally causes a small fire. Afterward, a fireman gives Marge the idea to get a fireproof safe and she immediately agrees. The Simpsons all get the chance to put one thing in the safe; Marge puts in the family photo album, Lisa puts in her Malibu Stacey car, Homer puts in a bottle of cologne, and Bart puts in a Krusty doll.

But when locked in the safe together, all the item combine to cause an explosion and the photo album is ruined. Undeterred, Marge insists on restaging the old family photos (including a vintage shot of The Simpsons) and surprisingly makes it happen.

While going through the restaged photos, Bart notices they uncovered a celebrity scandal and it turns out they can sell the photo to pay for the fire damage. Homer takes it to a tabloid editor (J.K. Simmons) and when he finds out he can make regular money taking celebrity photos, he agrees to become a regular paparazzi photographer.

In no time at all Homer becomes Springfield’s top paparazzi photographer by provoking local celebrities, although he doesn’t have to provoke Betty White (in a cameo), as she gladly asks how Maggie is. His editor is pleased with his work and Homer is assigned to photograph the wedding of actor Rainier Wolfcastle and Maria Shriver Kennedy Quimby (a satire of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver).

But eventually the celebrities vow revenge and decide to get even by hiring top paparazzi photographer Enrico Irritazio (Jon Lovitz) to take pictures of Homer at his worst. It doesn’t take long for Homer’s antics to get out and it causes him to quit the business. But while at Moe’s, Lenny and Carl persuade Homer to resume taking pictures and Moe even has a camera ready for him (one he was saving to take photos of female customers).

Heading across the street to the celebrities’ favorite nightclub, Homer immediately gets unflattering photos of everyone. Afterward, Wolfcastle asks Homer what he will do with the photos. Surprisingly, Homer says he won’t publish them so long as the celebrities begin treating their fans with respect.

Taking the deal, Wolfcastle invites him and the rest of the Simpsons to a party on his offshore platform. While there, Marge shows him a screenplay she’s written. Wolfcastle says he doesn’t read unsolicited screenplays, but later they see that the actor has stolen Marge’s idea and made it into a film. Marge merely shrugs and says “At least it got made.”

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