Trans Am exclusive sneak peek: New series, new challenge

Discovery’s Trans Am is officially here. With a new series comes a new challenge and here’s your exclusive sneak peek of the premiere episode.

Trans Am; you know the brand and now two brothers are on a challenge of a lifetime. It’s time to put the American muscle car back on the road and you’ll see it all in this new series from Discovery. Check out this exclusive sneak peek of Trans Am to find out what to expect.

The sneak really is just a quick look at what’s going to happen this series. Meet the two brothers, Tod and Scott Warmack, who are the only ones to have the rights to the brand, allowing them to officially rebuild the iconic motor.

The Warmacks started their business as soon as they got the Trans Am brand rights, launching two shops: Trans Am Worldwide & Trans Am Depot. From both successful businesses, they restore the muscle cars. On top of that, they build brand new motors that look like the 1970s motors with everything you’d expect from 2018 on the inside.

No boundary is too high. Tod and Scott will push the limits and create the best masterpieces in the world. However, they’ve got the restoration of a lifetime coming up. Can they handle the heat?

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It’s certainly going to be a challenge, but worth it when we see it all in the end. This is a chance to bring a new generation of the most famous muscle car in the world.

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Trans Am premieres on Oct. 2 at 10/9c on Discovery.

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