The Simpsons Halloween: Treehouse of Horror XI recap

Treehouse of Horror XI from Simpsons World via FX Networks
Treehouse of Horror XI from Simpsons World via FX Networks /

Treehouse of Horror XI features Homer as a ghost, Bart and Lisa in Hansel and Gretel, and Lisa freeing a dolphin that comes with unintended consequences.

Treehouse of Horror XI opens with the Simpson house looking like it would in an old black and white horror movie. But then the Simpsons walk out as if they are in The Munsters; Homer is Herman, Marge is Lily, Bart is Eddie, Lisa is Marilyn, and Grampa is of course Grandpa. But then the normal people of Springfield descend on them like an angry mob and kill them all except for Lisa. With that, the first Treehouse of Horror of the 2000’s officially begins.

G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad

Homer’s horoscope tells him that he has only 24 hours to live. Blowing it off, he leaves for work and narrowly escapes death several times. He makes it to the end of the day, only to be killed by a piece of broccoli. Arriving in Heaven, St. Peter tells Homer that he has not done a single good deed in his life and he must perform one in the next 24 house to be allowed into Heaven. Needless to  say, it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Homer also manages to accidentally drop Agnes Skinner to her death.

Frantic to get one good deed done, he saves a baby from a runaway stroller just before the 24 hours are up. He returns to St. Peter feeling good, but it turns out he didn’t see Homer’s good deed because he was reading a newspaper when it was performed. In response, Homer is sent to Hell where he gets noogies from Satan for eternity. When this makes Homer scream, he asks him to not do that because it’ll wake up John Wayne.

Scary Tales Can Come True

The Simpson family are living in a fairy tale town where Homer is the town oaf. After he loses his job, he vows that no children in his home will go hungry and kicks Bart and Lisa. Marge scolds him for this, claiming that she was planning on selling them. She sends him to go out after them and while searching, Homer stumbles upon Rapunzel in her castle. She asks Homer to rescue her, but he is too heavy and rips out her hair when he tries climbing it. He pushes the hair aside and goes back to searching.

Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa use her copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales to make their way through the forest and it’s inhabits, which include a Moe-like Troll and the Three Bears who maul Goldilocks. The two siblings eventually come to a Gingerbread House where a witch invites them in. While Lisa is put in chains and made to clean, Bart is fattened up to be eaten.

The two manage to trick her by pointing out that she has no one to look good for and no friends. The witch responds by claiming that she has a boyfriend named George Cauldron and is about to cook Lisa when Homer busts in because he’s eating the Gingerbread House. The witch uses her power to turn Homer into several things including a chicken, but he gets the best of her when the doorbell rings. After tossing her in the oven and locking the lid, they answer the door where they find a cliché fairy Prince type who introduces himself as George Cauldron and is looking for the witch.

Later, the three of them return home where they take pride in never having to go hungry because Homer can lay eggs.

Night of the Dolphin

After going to Marine World, Lisa sees that a dolphin named Snorky is humiliated and forced to perform stunts for the crowd. She feels horrible and ends up freeing it after seeing how Snorky wants to be with other dolphins. It manages to escape, but it turns out Snorky is actually king of the dolphins and has a plan secret plan for them.

The dolphins first kill Lenny when he goes out swimming in the ocean at night. Then they go after the Sea Captain when he claims he can stop them. Eventually the dolphins come out of the ocean and walk through town on their tails, killing people as they go.

The people of Springfield gather at the town hall to try to deal with the situation. During their meeting, Snorky breaks in and takes the stage because it turns out he can speak. After revealing that dolphins used to live on land until people banished them to the ocean, Snorky banishes the people of Springfield to live in the water.

Refusing to give in without a fight after Homer makes a speech about mankind’s accomplishments, the people of Springfield fight back with many casualties on both sides. But since they are outnumbered by dolphins, the people lose and wind up floating in the ocean. After Lisa expresses regret about freeing Snorky, Marge consoles her and says they’ll just learn to live in the ocean.

Treehouse of Horror XI ends with Kang and Kodos complaining to each other that they’ve been left out of the episode.

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