Will & Grace recap: The 5 best burns in season 10, episode 4

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A rainy day brings catharsis for Will and Grace’s past and Karen’s retirement from love. Let’s recap the latest episode of Will & Grace with the 5 best quotes!

It’s probably been said before, but sometimes the strongest episodes of Will & Grace aren’t the crazy ones with loads of guest stars and laugh-a-second situational chaos. Rather, the quieter ones that offer a glimpse into the characters behind the quips and zingers shine just as bright, if not brighter. This week, the gang takes advantage of a rainy day in a cathartic episode that’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll cry and vice versa.

Fresh off of her divorce, Karen swears off love for the rest of her life, but Jack won’t allow her to give up just yet. Jack’s newly honed psychic gift and the power of the thunderstorm channels Rosario’s spirit with a message for Karen. Meanwhile, Will and Grace dig up old letters from Will’s coming out in college, allowing the best friends to finally put everything unsaid from their past to bed. Let’s recap the latest episode with the gang’s five sickest burns!

1. “Why did you diminish your thighs? Whose did you use, RuPaul?”

As far as cold opens go, this week’s might be one of the most comfortable Will & Grace has ever done, and that’s not to say it was lazy or boring. These four actors have so much lived-in chemistry that an entire episode could just one long set-up cold open and it would still be an insanely watchable half hour. Anyway, Grace plants a cardboard cutout of herself for her campaign in the living room (which looks a little different than its IRL inspiration), Jack announces that he’s a certified psychic, and Karen woefully admits she’s selling the manse.

2. “The only gift you have is the one where you clean yourself like a dog.”

Because she’s getting rid of the mansion, Karen asks Grace to keep a “few” of her things at the office. Of course, Karen’s definition of few is pretty fast and loose. She’s basically stowing away her entire wardrobe and a large collection of her valuables. Jack discovers Rosario’s jacket and glasses and believes he’s feeling connection to her spirit come through. At first, Karen dismisses Jack’s newfound gift, but we know Karen. Give her second and she’ll believe anything.

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3. “This will cover up the stink of the alcohol and then maybe you can trick a man into tolerating you.”

Karen finds the perfume Rosario got her among the boxes of her belongings, and it brings back positive memories — and one characteristically biting remark from Rosie. The first time Karen wore the scent, she met Stan the next day. But now Karen has sworn off love, prompting Rosario’s spirit to visit Karen via Jack and convince her otherwise. Karen and “Rosario” yell at each other like old times, and they even kiss. Casting the supernatural experience aside, Karen almost throws the perfume away until a crack of thunder motivates her to give it a spritz instead.

4. “How could I not see it? Our song was ‘Dancing Queen.'”

Inspired by Karen’s rummaging on a rainy day, Grace breaks open an old box from her and Will’s college days. Inside are letters between the former couple dating back at the time when Will came out. Grace kicks herself for not seeing the signs before having her heart broken, but Will’s shocked to learn that Grace never read his longest and most important letter. Soon, a fight erupts about Grace’s inability to ever apologize or empathize with Will, and Will throws the unopened letter off the balcony. Guess she’ll never know what it says…

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5. “If we didn’t let horrible people in our apartment, we’d never see Karen.”

Except Mrs. Timmer finds it on her balcony and returns it to Grace, who had been searching the streets with a Duane Reade bag on her head. Finally, she reads Will’s letter and understands his side of the hurt. As much as she felt heartbroken that Will came out and dumped her, Will felt scared and alone, writing in the letter that he just wanted to be “normal” and thought of hurting himself. Grace apologizes and the pair share a beautiful, cathartic moment that queer viewers can share as well. Give this episode all of the Emmys.

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